Blake's Favourite Toys (at 4 months)

In Blake's 4 month update you which you can read here, I mentioned that Blake now has 
some favourite toys that he chooses more over the other toys that he owns to play with. 
I decided to share those toys with you in case you are in need of some ideas for gifts
for a new baby or for your own child.

First up I'll mention an item that I forgot to photograph which is the Lamaze wrist and foot rattles.
Blake was given these as a gift from one of my School friends and loves them! 
He loves to wiggle and kick about so when I put these on he is able to have fun listening to the noise 
that they make.
They are a fab gift which I highly recommend as they are suitable from birth although the foot ones would be far too big if you have a small baby like Blake was. 

Then there is Blake's Slumber buddies Eddie the elephant. 
I got him this  when he was about 5 weeks old I think it was, after noticing that he loved lights 
and started borrowing a star projector at night from my Mum. 
Eddie the elephant Slumber buddie has a multi-colour star and moon display that projects around the room.
The coloured lights are red, green and blue and you can choose for it to change between each of the colours 
or stay on one colour. 
It also has a choice of 5 different sounds which Blake only likes 2 of but we mainly use the 
stars rather than the music. 
The Slumber buddie has a timer switch so you can choose how long you have it on for
either 15, 30 or 45 mins we choose the 45 mins as Blake use to take awhile to settle so this helps if he drops off but then wakes up 20 mins or so later. 

Next up we have the Little singing Alfie by Vetch.
We brought him this last month and he loves it.
I had been wanting to get it for awhile but was waiting til after Christmas was over
in case someone brought one for him. 
As they didn't I chose to wait a little longer as its suitable from 3 months and up. 
You press the 3 light up buttons on the singing Alfie's tummy to hear fun phases and sound effects that teach 
emotions, numbers and counting with popular tunes. 

For Christmas my sister brought him this cute little George the giraffe chime toy. 
He loves it to bits and loves giving it cuddles its a toy that I will be putting in his memory box as it
is such a lovely toy that I don't want to get dirty as he gets older. 

We then move on to his favourite toy of all the Freddie the Firefly by Lamaze.
Stuart and I got this for Blake as a Christmas present and we are so glad that we did. 
He plays with this all the time he has it attached to his car seat, pram and even on the branch of the bouncer. 
Freddie the firefly seems to entertain Blake for long periods of time when playing and he always 
seems to go for him over other toys the majority of the time. 

After Blake was born my cousin made a nappy cake for us which included this cute
elephant toy. It is very similar to the Freddie the firefly as it has solid bold colours and sounds that squeak, clink and crinkle. He loves giving this a cuddle but I wish it had a link clip like the freddie the firefly does.

We had to get Blake a Sophie la Giraffe if you read Blake's 4 month update post than you will know
that he has been beginning to teeth. 
I know that £13 for a teething toy is quiet expensive, however it is a best seller and have heard so many good things about them.Each Sophie la Giraffe is individually hand painted plus Blake loves it so
it's kind of worth it. 

We then have his blue blankie which he loves cuddling during the day to help him fall asleep at nap time. 
I brought this for him as he had originally had a different one which was stolen from the pram at the Drs surgery. 
I was disappointed as I tucked it away at the bottom so the only way it would have been found was if someone had actually gone looking through the pram. 
Luckily Blake hadn't got attached to it so I just got him a different one. He is now
getting attached to this one though so I am going to buy another as a spare. 

Last of all is this activity ball I brought this for him last week. 
I had popped into the shop I had been working at previously and was chatting to my old boss
and gave this him to play with he loved it so I decided to buy it for him. 
I love that it makes noises and is just generally fun for him to play with. 

Well that is it Blake of course has tones of toys that were given to him as presents but these ones
are all the main ones that he just loves playing with at the moment and chooses more over his other ones. 

Does your little one have a range of toys he/she chooses to play with more off?
If so I'd love to know what! 

Would you like to comment?