Degustabox: March

For those of you not familiar with Degustabox they are a food box subscription service and 
every month they select and send out an exciting range of new and limited edition products from
a range of fab foodie brands.

This months box has 10 fab brands. 
2 of which are drinks and 8 of which are foodie items. 

So as like last month I am starting off with the drinks in the box. 

First of all I'll start off with the alcohol which is Crabbies Fruits I have mentioned 
Crabbies before as they have been in a few of degustabox's that I have had over the last 
6/7 months. Those of you that read my blog will know that I am not much of a drinker
but will have the occasional drop of alcohol now and again am not too sure about trying these
though as it turns out I wasn't too keen on them last time I gave them ago. 
The flavours in this months box are Black Cherry and Raspberry and Rhubarb. 

Moving on to the non alcohol drinks in the box which are by Juiceburst. 
Juiceburst has 14 different flavours of juice and 3 skinny drinks. 
The 500ml cranberry flavour is made using 57 berries and is very tasty so if your 
a fan cranberry juice you will love this flavour. 
The mango and lime skinny juice is only 99 calories and was delicious it reminded me of mixed fruit flavoured
opal fruits. 

Crabbie's Fruits x2 £1.50
Juiceburst x2 £1.25

Kents Kitchen Posh Noodles are perfect for lunch on the go or for a hot snack. 
They are made with all natural ingredients, these noodles are tasty, low in fat and low calorie. 
Just add water to the pot, stir well and wait a few minutes. 
I love noodles but wasn't too keen on the flavour of the one I had which is 
due to personal preference. 

I am really looking forward to trying out BBQUE original Bavarian barbecue sauces. 
They are available in 4 unique flavours: 
- grill and beachwood
- original
- honey and mustard
- chilli and horseradish 
The original Bavarian delicacy of cranberries, beer, honey and apples is ideal for barbecue, marinades and dips. 

Brioche Pasquire's new baked bread bites are the new alternative snack to potato crisps. 
Made with real french bread each 20g bag contains under 90 calories. 
They are also low in saturated fat, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. 
Launching in stores soon, in one of the nations favourite flavours, bacon. 

Kents Kitchen Posh Noodles £1.75
BBQUE £3.99
Baked Bread Bites x2 50p

If your a fan of sweeter (like me) rather than sugar than you will love Nativa.
Nativa is a 100% naturally sourced alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugars. 
Nativia was created using a natural sweetener derived from stevia because they wanted a healthy and natural way for you to enjoy a little sweetness in your life. 

Jordans Granola have come up with a new lighter granola. 
They chose a recipe which has only natural ingrediants so the new granola has
30% less fat than standard granola's and is higher in fibre too. 
I have got the strawebbery and blueberry flavour which I am looking forward to trying out. 

Nativa £2.00
Jordan's Granola £3.69

Last of all we have some yummy sweet treats in the box. 

Bassettes Jelly Babies Berry Mix is available in the favourite flavours:
Blackcurrent, raspberry and strawberry. 
The bag says ideal for sharing whoops. 

Sour Patch kids first there sour then they are sweet the mischievous sweets bring on a sour sensation before
revealing a sweet and soft jelly side. 
There are six different flavours in the pack on offer too. 
These I'm giving to the hubby after all sharing is caring.

Last of all is Lindt Assorted Mini Eggs a perfect Easter treat.
Delightfully smooth milk, white and dark chocolate assortment provides a moment of bliss with every bite. 
Enjoy not one but two bags for a fab and yummy Easter. 

Jelly Babies Berry Mix £1.48
Sour Patch Kids £1.00
Lindt mini egss x2 packs £2.00

I am pleased that this box contained chocolate with it being so close to Easter. 
I am also pleased with this months box as I know most of the contents are going to get used. 

This months discount coupon for £3.00 off is OM8OV.

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