Lindt Easter Story Book

When it comes to Easter I don't normally get an Easter egg any more this is purely out of choice though. 

This year though I am excited that I was sent some yummy Lindt chocolate as an extra little something
in my Degustabox as I was chosen as one of the bloggers to get an extra little something since I have
been writing about their  boxes for a good 7 months or so now. 

So as the extra in my box this month I was given a 100g  gold bunny (not pictured).
The Lindt gold bunny is a yummy hollow bunny shaped chocolate egg which is made from yummy
Lindt milk chocolate inspired by a secret recipe from the Master Chocolatiers of Lindt have created. 
The reason for their being no photo is due to it being crushed during delivery of my Degustabox so I felt 
that you my readers wouldn't want to see a photo of smashed up gold bunny. 

I also received the Lindt gold bunny storybook. 
The Lindt golden bunny storybook  is the ideal gift to give the magic of Easter. 
The dazzling Lindt golden bunny storybook brings the bunny to life in an engaging and interactive story. 
The gift contains 15 yummy Lindt chocolate treats to enjoy at story time: 

1 x Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate 10g
2 x Lindt Mini Lamb Milk Chocolate 10g
2 x Lindt Mini Chick Milk Chocolate 10g
3 x Lindt Hollow Milk Chocolate Eggs 10g
5 x Lindt Solid Mini Eggs Milk Chocolate

The Lindt Storybook is a lovely idea for older children and grown ups. 
I can see myself buying one for Blake when he is older as an Easter treat. 
It reminds me of an advent calendar in a way as you open little doors to get the chocolate.
All of the chocolate's in the box are wrapped in foil paper and the bunny one of course is in a special golden wrapper as usual. 

I love how the story meadow will get children talking about the different areas in the picture and what they 
can see which means that whilst interacting with the Lindt storybook they are learning all at the same time. 

Have you ever brought the Lindt Storybook? or would you consider buying it for 
your little one? 

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