Pop Up Poker Restaurant

From time to time some of us like to have a gamble whether that is buying a lotto ticket, placing a bet on the horses or even a friendly game of poker. 

Also I know quiet a lot of you love eating out and treating yourselves to a delicious meal. 
So why not combine the two and join Pokerstars and Jones & Son with the "All in Kitchen"
the worlds first pay by poker restaurant!

With the pop up restaurant popping up sometime in July (location currently unknown)  many of you will probably be wondering how it is going to work.  

You'll basically play poker to determine how much you will pay for your meal. So first of all you will have to play three hands of poker. Then, you will pay for your meal based on how many chips you'll have at the end of those three hands. That could be £10, £5 or absolutely nothing, all complements of PokerStars.

So if you are bust out in the first hand than all you would  have to pay is £10. 
You will be able to choose from a poker style menu of 3 courses washed down with a cocktail which will be worth £50. With the maximum you would have to pay being £10 you can have fun and enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank. 

* The event is for customers to have fun and the poker at the  restaurant is going to be optional. 
You can turn up and soak up the atmosphere and pay full price for your meal if you wish to do so.

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