50 things that make me happy

I have seen this tag floating around on quiet a few blogs that I read recently. 
So although I haven't been officially tagged I have decided to join in anyway. 

So here are the 50 things that make me happy in no particular order (apart from the top 3) 

1. Blake (obviously) 
2. Family (including hubby) 
3. Friends 
4. Chocolate
5. Dr Pepper Zero
6. Shopping
7. Reading
8. Costa (coffee in general really) 
9. Holidays 
10. Cake (Red Velvet is my favorite) 
11.Eating out at a fab restaurant 
12. Hugs
13. Hollyoaks
14. surfing pinterest
15. Instagram
16. parcels arriving in the post
17. blogging
18. baths
19. showers
20. make up
21. flowers 
22. clean bedding 
23. taking photos 
24. looking at old photo's
25. shabby chic items

26. Trips to the cinema (not done this in ages) 
27. stationary 
28. jewelry
29 days out 
30. finding money I have forgotten about
31. saving
32. home ware
33.  sunshine
34. visiting the library 
35. doing fun activities with Blake
36. watching dvds and rubbish tv curled up on the sofa
37. hot chocolate
38. picnics in the park
39. BBQ's
40. candles
41. seeing the lights and decorations at Christmas time
42. my birthday 
43. a cheeky takeaway 
44. Looking at my engagement and wedding ring and remembering our special day
45. remembering fun times as a child 
46. Music
47. Acting silly and random from time to time
48. playing quiz up and 94% and other games on my tablet
49. buying clothes for Blake and myself 
50. Making memories

I tag everyone that wants to join in but hasn't yet 

Would you like to comment?