Transition: Moses Basket to Cot

For a little while now we have been thinking of moving Blake out of his moses basket and into his cot in his own room. 
I've not really liked the idea of moving him into his own room before 6 months.
 However needs must as he has outgrown the moses basket and the cot is too big to fit in our room. 

So a week before we tried him in the cot for the night we decided to make the transition easier by 
starting to put him in the cot to play in for 20 minutes at a time twice a day.

I then started putting him down for naps in the cot which has been a bit of a struggle as he takes awhile to settle and sometimes doesn't. So I have ended up having to rock him in my arms until he falls asleep and then put him down.  

Even though I have been struggling with getting him to nap in the cot during the day I decided that we would take
the plunge Friday night and see how it went.

After he had his milk and we had bathed him and I gave him a massage we put him down to sleep.
He played up for a little while so I sat next to the cot for a bit until he seemed to settle and he started to drop off. 

I was worried that he would wake during the night and I wouldn't be able to settle him. But knew if that was to happen that I would need to persevere and I could always have a nap during the day on Saturday if needed. 

I was surprised how well Blake slept, in fact he didn't cry at all during the night and I was the one who kept waking, so I could check on him and each time he was fast asleep.
He awoke at his usual time crying for feed and when I went in to see him he was his usual smiley self. 
He had however managed to turn himself around in the cot so I think that he is loving the extra space that the cot is giving him . 

The plan for the next week or so is to try and get him to nap more in the cot and to sleep in the cot every night. 
I am still going to continue to let him play in the cot for 20 minutes twice a day so that he gets used to the cot more. 

How did you find moving your little one from his/her moses basket to the cot? 
comment below I'd love to know if you have any more ideas on how to get him to sleep in it during the day.

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