May Bank Holiday Weekend Haul

I was meant to type up this post last week but have been so busy I have only just got round to it.  
I've not done a haul post in awhile and actually have no idea why I don't do them more often as I do love reading
other bloggers haul posts. 

On Saturday we went to Milton Keynes and did some shopping in quiet a few places. 
We first of all went to BandM, I love BandM and I think Milton Keynes has 3 BandM stores in total (correct me if I'm wrong). We went to one of the smaller stores in Bletchley though .

I love homeware items and am trying to make more special touches to our home over the recent weeks. 
So in BandM I got 6 items which I am excited to show you! 

First of all I got two faux plants they cost me £3.99 each and I now have one placed on our bedroom window sill
and the other is in our bathroom on our little metal stand we have in there. 

The little boat that I got for £2.99 is sat in our bathroom. 
Our bathroom was in need of a bit of color as it is all white and after decluttering the window sill
at the weekend there was an area where it needed something so the boat is now placed there and it fits in nicely. 

I got a mouse for my laptop which I have yet to try out.
I sometimes find it easier to use a USB optical mouse rather than the touchpad when using my laptop. 

I also chose this photo frame for Blake's nursery which says Mummy + Daddy = Me for £3.99.
I just need to choose 3 photos to fill it and then decide where abouts I am going to put it. 

Last of all from BandM is these 3 wicker baskets which were £7.99. 
I have wanted wicker baskets for ages, so I am very happy with getting these at such a fab price too. 
The bigger one is filled with nappy changing bits and one of the smaller ones has baby lotion, powder, oil.
The other of the small baskets hasn't got anything in it yet but I am sure that I'll find something to go in it soon.

I am loving pale blue at the moment so I brought a new bin for the bathroom from Tesco for £5. 
The bin we use to have in there was much smaller so at least we have one that is a bit bigger now and in such 
a lovely shade of blue too. 

My sister had given me one of her quilt covers which she brought and then decided she didn't want and it goes perfectly in our bedroom. So I decided to get a new cream fitted sheet in Primark to go with it.
 The duvet cover is a lovely pearly pink color so I thought cream would go with it well.

I got some shorts for Blake ready for the summer in 6-9 months. 
Although he is only coming up for 5 months old he is starting to outgrow his 3-6 months clothing.
I got these shorts for £3 in Asda.

We are planning on starting to wean Blake at the weekend so I started off by buying him some spoons
in Tesco which were on offer for just under £2. 
We did go out and buy him some more bits this weekend just gone but I'll show you
in a separate post about weaning. 

I've really got into buying clothing for Blake from Peacocks as they have lovely bits and the prices
are fab too.
 I got him some more tops in there and we need no more of in 6-9 months as we have kitted him out now
and he has loads. 
The red one  with cars was in the sale and was £2, the grey one that says "cute runs in the family" 
was also in the sale at £3.  
The orange top wasn't in the sale but I thought it was cute it says
 "Awesome just like my Dad" and was £2.50.  

Last of all was some clothing from Primark for Blake. 
We got him some vests in 6-9 months which were £3 a pack.
We will need to get more though but they only had 3 packs of 6-9 months left in the Milton Keynes store.
Stuart chose this cute little romper that says Dude which is perfect for the summer I think it was £5. 
The chinos are so cute and I love navy on Blake so these went straight in the basket and cost £4.
Last of all we got a very light weight jacket for summer which I can't remember the price of. 

What do you think of my recent haul?
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