Summer Garden Products

The long summer days are here at last and Aldi can help you to make the most out of your garden
with the special buys summer range. 

Aldi's Summer Garden Special Buys are on sale from 18th June and available whilst stocks last. 

Aldi have a whole range of items in store from big items such as the stylish Rattan Garden Furniture Sets  to small items such as this bronze outdoor wall clock.

The wall clock comes in two colors Bronze and Cream. 
I have found with the clock that the position of the battery pack makes it more harder to hang. 
But also as the hands of clock are quiet dark it's quiet tricky to be able to see the time. 

Aldi sent me a wide range of items from the Summer Garden Special Buys.
Since we live in a flat I have passed these on to my Mother in law. 
One of the items which I think would look fab in your garden or on 
your balcony (if you have one) is the Outdoor lantern.
 If we were ever to get our own place with a garden
I would love to own a garden lantern. 
I am a huge fan of candles so love the idea of being able to have candles outside in the garden safely.

Will you be popping into Aldi to have a look at the Summer Garden Special Buys? 

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