Blake 6 Months

So Blake has turned 6 months old today!

Blake is in 6-9 months clothing which are fitting fine on him and still has a good amount of 
room for him to grow into for now. 

He has some bad days which you can tell as his cheeks will be bright red, he dribbles
all day and spends a lot of time chewing on the teething necklace I wear.
He also loves chewing on his Sophie la Giraffe a lot at the moment. 

He is now sleeping in cot for naps during the day as well as night. 
He has got into a routine now of going to sleep between 8pm and 8:30pm 
and then waking up between 8am and 8:30am. 
He does have the odd night here and there that he does wake up. 
I normally can get away with just popping his dummy in and putting his slumber buddy light on
and sneaking out. 
His naps during the day really depend what we are up to. 
If we are out and about he will sleep in the pushchair  to and from where we are going to. 
He tends to have an hours nap during the morning and then another hour in the afternoon.

He is on 240ml of formula milk every four hours now. 
We have actually changed our weaning plans now and have decided to go with 
baby led weaning as Blake seems more happier weaning this way than with purees which
we had been doing. 


- Blake seems to recognize his name, when Stuart and I call him by his name he will look at us and smile. 
- He loves rolling onto his front and has now started to pull himself up and move around a little on his tummy. 
- He loves to amuse himself by playing with his hands and feet or grabbing for a toy. 
- He is still trying to pull himself into a sitting position but still not quiet there yet. 
- So far he is only able to sit up unaided for 30 seconds. 

- He is still in size 3 disposables (when we use them) 

- He has started to get separation anxiety and hates it when I leave the room.
Also when his Dad is feeding him he keeps looking for me to make sure I am still there. 

- He has started playing peek a boo with his muslin cloth.
He loves putting it over his eyes and then bringing it down so that we go boo. 

- He also has a habit of dropping things so that we pick them up and then he will do
it again. This happens from time to time with his dummy before bedtime. 

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