My 25th Birthday

Last Wednesday was my 25th birthday and I had such a lovely day with my little family. 
The day started with Blake waking me to have his usual 8 o clock feed and then Stuart popped out
and got me a late McDonald's breakfast. 

We then went out to the Picnic in the park that was being held in one of our local parks. 
It wasn't as good as we had expected so we ended up going to a coffee shop for lunch instead.
This was followed by a bit of shopping as my father in law got me a peacocks voucher as my birthday gift. 

We then went back to the flat and just had a relaxed day which included cake.In fact more
than one cake as Stuart chose to buy me some cupcakes from Tesco rather than a usual birthday cake. 

Stuart then took me out for a lovely meal at a local restaurant called Martini's.
We had been wanting to go there for a good few years so Stuart chose to treat me for my birthday. 

Overall I had such a fab day and Stuart really did spoil me this year.

I thought I'd share with you a few of my gifts first of all Stuart got me a Zumba kit. 
I have wanted this for awhile as I love Zumba and not done it since having Blake due to our wii 

Blake got me these cute earrings from Argos

Stuart also got me these 3 Dvds that I have been wanting for awhile. 

I also got this cute candle in this adorable little jug/mug from my Mother in law and step father in law. 
They also got me an Amazon voucher which I have now spent. 

I also got a few other gifts including a voucher to have a facial from Stuart which I need
to book a date to have done. I am really looking forward to it as I've never had a facial before unless you
count the ones I do myself at home.

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