Teething essentials

Blake has been weaning for quiet a while now and I have been trying out different ideas to help ease the pain  for Blake. 
None of his teeth have come through yet but his gums are certainly hard. 

I have tried out the Nuby Ice bite teether keys which he got as a Christmas gift from a family member.  
I think its a teething essential as its filled with PureICE™ teething gel. which stays cool for longer than water filled teethers. Its to be put in the fridge and used when needed to help deal with  sore gums by soothing them or to massage new teeth. 

Dentinox teething gel, we chose this teething gel as it was cheaper than the others at the time, being on special offer. I think any teething gel is essential as it really does help Blake with numbing the pain as once its applied he seems happier much more quickly. 

I also have recently been using the Amber teething necklace on Blake which you can read my views more about here

Then Blake has a Sophie La Giraffe which he loves he uses this a lot and can be found munching on her when he has a bad teething day.  I know the Sophie Giraffe is very popular and I can certainly see why. 

Last of all I use a teething necklace which I wear the one pictured is his favorite one. 
I have a gumigem one but I have found that this is the one that he prefers me to wear the most and when 
having a bad teething day he loves to munch on this a lot. 
I am unsure which brand this one is as I was given this as a gift once Blake was born but certainly want 
to buy another one as we love it! 

What are your teething essential's? 

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