Weaning equipment

I've talked about weaning Blake a few times and will continue with updates over the next month or so. 
As Blake is 6 months old next week I am going to start trying him on some finger foods as well as purees. 
I thought I'd share with you some of the equipment we have so far for weaning, 

First up I got some Tommee Tippee Explora feeding spoons. 
I picked these up in Tesco when they had an offer on them and chose them ones as they are made for self feeding. 
Blake is already grabbing the spoon so with his next feed I am going to give him a spoon as well as using the spoon to give him his rice or puree fruit/veg. 

I also picked up some bowls which are suitable from 6 months and also the Tommee Tippee Explora Easy Scoop Feeding Bowl Lid and Spoon, which  I have been using at each feed since we started weaning him. 

I also got him a Tomee Tippee sippy cup which I am going to start using to give him water once I get him into a
better weaning routine. 

We are also going to start making up purees to freeze so I got a freezer tray. I also got him 
a Nuby Feeder which I love idea of you just fill it with fruit or vegetables and your baby just munches on the net 
meaning it's safe for them to introduce solid foods as the risk of choking is lower. 
Its also great for sore gums as you can fill it with ice to become the perfect teether. 

We then have the OXO Tot dish and spoons which you can read my review on here

I also have got him a roll bib and some snack pots which aren't pictured. 

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