The little boy who lost his name

I have always been a big reader, I love going to the library and picking out a book or two to take out and read. 
I also have a collection of books at home that I love,although not a huge collection I still have a fair good 
amount that I love to read again and again.

Reading to me is very important for children. 
Although Blake is 6 months old and far too little to read himself I have been reading to him
since he was a few days old.

I am also a fan of personalized items as you probably know by now if you read my blog frequently. 
So a book that is personalized especially for Blake is right up my street. 

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name opens as a child wakes, to discover their name is missing from their wardrobe door. 
They then set off on a quest to find it, meeting bears, mermaids, narwhals and other creatures, depending on the letters which make up their name.

I adore this book and I think that it makes an amazing keepsake for years to come.
This book will certainly be an item I'll putting in Blake's keepsake box so that he can look back on it when he is older. 

I showed Blake's Granny and Grandpa the book and they both said that 
they thought it is an ideal gift for a newborn. 

I love how the story is cleverly done to spell out Blake's name so that when he is older
I know he is going to have lots of fun listening/reading this book. 

The book is ideal for boys and girls as their is also a girls version the little girl who lost her name. 
One of things I would love to see in the future would be the possibility of being able to personalize the character to look like your child to give them an even more fun experience. 

What do you think of this book? Do you think it's something that your child will love?
Comment below. 

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