CityStroll Stroller Organizer

When going out and about with Blake there is always so much to take with us. 
If I know I am going to be out for long while I'll take the CityStroll Stroller Organizer.

The CityStroll Stroller Organizer is a 2 in 1 Stroller Organizer & “take your essentials with you” Shoulder Bag. 
It's such a fab item to have as it means I can fit all of Blake's bits and bobs in the changing bag and use the essentials with you bag for my bits such as my purse, keys, mobile etc. 

I also think its a great concept as Stuart tends to go to a Dad's group every third Saturday of the month. 
So I tend to meet up with him in town so can take this bag with me, with my bits whilst Stuart has the changing bag. 

Stroller Organizers in general are a great idea to have since you can fit so many bits in them. 
The organizer bit itself has a cup holder which is ideal when out and about as it's pretty tricky pushing your pram and trying to carry a bottle around. There is a phone pocket at the front of the organizer and next to that is a section for you to put wipes in so that they are easy to get to when needed. 
There is also a big section for you to put other miscellaneous bits and bobs in that you need. 
Or for you to put the handy essentials bag in. 

The Essentials bag also has a cup holder, both cup holders are insulated so are ideal for putting your babies bottles in. There is also a good amount of space to fit more bits and bobs. 
It also a small zip compartment at the front to keep valuables safe and shuts with a magnetic closure flap. 

The set is waterproof so I know that my items will keep safe from the rain and is slip proof too. 
It's also a universal item so will fit on any pram, pushchair or travel system.
This is due to it's large and adjustable Velcro straps. 

The organizer set comes in a choice of 5 colors: 
Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Pink and Black. 

So you have a choice of colors to choose from that suits your taste or go with your pram. 

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