Weaning with OXO tot

A few weeks ago I told you about our plans for weaning Blake. 
It actually has gone a lot  better than I thought it would, we have realized that Blake is 
definitely ready and more so than we had thought. 
The first time we gave him some baby rice I was nervous about 
it to be honest. I kept wondering prior to giving Blake his first spoonful, if our decision to start weaning Blake before 6 months was the right decision. 

I do feel a lot more at ease now though. 
We decided to give Blake his first taste of baby rice not too long after he had has his milk. 
This was so that he wasn't too hungry and we picked a time when he was happy. 
When it comes to weaning equipment there are a few essentials when it comes to doing purees. 
I will be doing a post on this soon. 

We were recently sent some items that are ideal for weaning for Blake from OXO Tot. 
The divided feeding dish and the silicon feeding spoon set.

The dish and the feeding spoon set's come in a choice of three different colors Aqua, Green or Raspberry. 
Both of the items are suitable from 6 months plus so we will be waiting a bit longer before we let Blake loose with them and once he has got more used to being on solids. 
We are planning to do a bit of baby led weaning as well as purees when Blake turns 6 months
so these will get lots of use out of them I am sure. 

I'll start with the spoons they are made from silicon so that they are soft in babies mouths. 
The silicon edge is perfect for scraping food from the bowl or jar and the contoured handle is ideal for 
easy eating scooping of food. 
The spoon is also shallow meaning its great for Blake as we wont be able to feed  him too much food at once. 
The spoon is also made with sturdy stainless steel for durability. 

As for the divided feeding dish the two sections are of 120ml capacity.
The plate transforms so that it grows and develops, it's contoured so that it fits perfectly in the hand while feeding and the ring helps guide food onto spoon and provides a lip to scrape off excess food.
All parts of the dish conveniently snap together for storage,with a removable lid that pops on to store leftovers.

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