Baltic Amber Teething Jewelry

When it comes to teething there are a huge range of products that help with the teething stage. 
One of them is Baltic Amber teething jewelry, there are mixed reviews with regards to using them. 
Some parents swear by them others are worried about the strangulation risks.

So why are so many parents choosing to use Baltic Amber Jewelry to relieve teething pains? 
Scientific research has determined that amber worn against the body releases natural oils onto the skin that are then circulated into the bloodstream. These oils induce a calming effect and have analgesic (pain relieving), antispasmodic (eases the muscles helping relieve colic and gas), and febrifuge (fever reducing) properties. 
Hence why Baltic Amber necklaces and bracelets are used to relieve teething pains. 

I was recently sent an Amber necklace and bracelet to try out with Blake. 
I must admit I have always been dubious about them due to worrying about strangling.
However I know quiet a few people who use or have used them on their little ones. 
So I have decided to give them a go. 

I have chosen to use the necklace more than the bracelet mainly due to the bracelet being too loose on Blake and falling off.
Due to me being a worrier and for Blake's safety I have chosen to only let him wear it with supervision. 
I always make sure that I remove the necklace when Blake goes down for a nap and when he goes down for the night.

So far I've not really seen any major difference other than that he doesn't seem to dribble as much when wearing the amber necklace. 
 I will continue to let Blake wear it but will always make sure that its with supervision. 

What are your thoughts on Amber teething necklaces and bracelets? 
Do you swear by them or do you think its a hippy dippy unsafe thing to use? 

Would you like to comment?