Blake 7 Months

 Blake has turned 7 months old today,I feel he is progressing in leaps and bounds this month with the little things he is doing.

Blake's 6-9 months clothing is starting to get tight so we are starting to sort out his 9-12 months clothing. 
Where has my tiny little bubba gone? 

Over the past month teething hasn't been so bad.
He is still chewing and having his hands in his mouth a lot. However he 
has only been really upset about it on a few occasions. 
There have been a few rough days when he would cry non stop but anbesol seems to do the trick.
I have only had to give him calpol once. 

His sleep is pretty much the same as it has been over the last  few months or so. 
We had one night when it took him til gone 11 to fall asleep.
I think it was because he ended up having a rather late nap that day so wasn't tired when
it came to his bedtime. 

He is still on 240ml of milk but moved him onto the stage 2 milk now. 
He is having 4 feeds a day and the weaning is going fantastic. 
He is currently getting use to having two meals a day and my health visitor has told me that 
he should be having 3 meals a day by the time he is  9 months old. 
I am so glad that we made the decision to change from purees to baby led weaning.
Blake is excelling when it comes to trying out new foods. 
A few of his favorites so far are: 
Porridge fingers
Green beans
Baby corn 

- Blake is still trying to sit up I have been encouraging him but
I think its going to be a little longer yet. 

- When he roles over onto his front he starts trying to move his legs like
crawling but at the moment he is just getting frustrated as he can't do it. 

- His hand eye co ordination is improving since doing baby led weaning
and he is able to feed himself with a spoon and also able to hold a cup and drink from it.


- He is now moved onto size 4 nappies in disposables (when we use them) 

-  He is ticklish and will giggle no end when we tickle him

- He loves going to the Ragdolly Anna's group we go to and loves the bubbles
and he is able to now tap the sticks together that they have for one of the songs they do. 

- He also loves being in his walker that his Granny and Grampa got him as an early christening present. 

- He has got a thing about phones he has his own toy mobile which he loves and is always grabbing my mobile
along with the tv remote.

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