Kokoso Baby: Natural Coconut Oil

I love coming across new brands and products and I love it more when I come across an item 
that turns into an essential.

Mum's this product is amazing! Kokoso baby is a multipurpose moisturizer.
Kokoso is made from 100% natural and organic virgin coconut oil.

Kokoso sent me a pot so that I could see for myself how amazing the product is. 
First of all I have to say Kokoso Baby has been dermatologically tested and is certified safe for even the most sensitive skin.

I also want to mention that Kokoso baby is solid white at room temperature and goes runny in temperatures over  24°C so make sure
that you open your pot gently in summer to avoid spills or keep it in your fridge. 

The multipurpose moisturizer has many uses for both baby and you. 
Here are a few of the uses in which you can use Kokoso baby you can find more tips over on their 

Dry skin
If you or your baby have dry skin than applying  Kokoso baby throughout the day can help to hydrate and nourish. It's also helpful with skin conditions such as eczema.

Bottom Balm
I have heard of many parents using coconut oil on their babies bottom, when I was researching more
about using cloth nappies as a lot of mum's swear by it.
I have yet to try kokoso for this reason on Blake as I have so many nappy rash creams dotted around the flat. 

Baby sore creases
You can dab a dash of kokoso on troublesome areas. 
I have recently started using this on Blake's neck as he tends to dribble milk 
down his neck frequently and it gets red and looks so sore .

Flaky newborn skin
I really wish that I had known about Kokoso sooner as this would have been ideal when Blake
was newborn as he had a lot of flaky and dry skin especially on his head.

Baby Massage
This has been the main way I have been using Kokoso. 
Blake and I did a baby massage class not too long ago which he loved so
we have been massaging him at home after he has had a bath. 

I have been reading the Mummy Blog and I am looking forward to trying out 
other ways to use Kokoso that I didn't even think of such as ways you can use it as a beauty oil. 
There is also articles on why kokoso is different from other brands of coconut oil, why its' so good for babies skin and also about baby massage so the Mummy blog is definitely worth reading. 

Kokoso is now sold in Boots stores at £7.99. 

If you use Kokoso I'd love to know what you use it for? if not than will you be trying it out? If you do I'd love to know your thoughts
Comment below. 

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