Blake 8 Months

On Sunday Blake turned 8 months old he has been suffering from a cold since last Thursday.
We have had a few disturbed nights due to this and he has also been very clingy. 

Blake is now into his 9-12 months clothing which is pretty scary he is getting so big. 
I have found that the sleepsuits we have for him are getting tight already! 
I think we will stop buying sleepsuits now and purchase pjs instead. 

He has two little teeth that are trying to push there way through at the bottom of his month. 
He has had a few moments of needing teething gel, teething toys and the very occasional dose of calpol so far. 

Blake is still sleeping well and getting approx 12 hours of sleep as usual. 
Although over the last few days he hasn't been due to the dreaded cold that he

We have been trying to cut his milk down so that he has three feeds a day. 
This isn't happening every day at the moment, but he is now eating three meals a day.
This is sometimes with one or two snacks as well. 

He is enjoying proper meals now such as chilli con carne, roast dinner and tuna pasta bake. 
Although we have noticed he doesn't seem to like pasta that much. 


- Blake is able to sit up with support but still not ready to sit up on his own atm. 

- He is able to stand up unsupported for a little while holding onto the sofa. 

- He is also getting more mobile as he can now crawl backwards. 


- He is such a wiggle bum and changing his nappy and getting him dressed is now starting to become a challenge. 

- He loves to wave at Mummy and Daddy 

- He has outgrown the bouncer so now just plays in his walker or rolls around playing with his other toys. 
We are getting a Jumparoo soon which I'll be blogging about. 

- He started to try and clap although Stuart keeps missing it. 

- He will cry if you eat in front of him so we have to eat at the same time or when he is napping.

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