Paddy's Bathroom

Blake loves bath time and we love trying out new bath products for him. 
We try and bath Blake every two days, every three days at a stretch. 
Sometimes he has to have an emergency bath after a poo explosion which is happening a lot less these days. 

Paddy's Bathroom sent us a range of yummy, fruity smelling products for Blake to try at bath time! 
Paddy's Bathroom has launched a NEW range of certified organic and natural  toiletries especially for little ones. 
Created by Ella's Kitchen brand founder Paul Lindley, Paddy's Bathroom toiletries have as much natural and organic stuff as possible in them. 
They are super gentle and sting free protecting little one's eyes.

Paddy's bathroom is on a mission to make bath time fun with playful textures, heavenly smells, squirty bottles and loads of bubbles. 

Two of the Paddy's bath room items that we have been sent is the squirty stuff.
The squirty stuff are foamy hair and body wash and comes in "smells like squishy mango's" and "smells like juicy pineapples".

The foamy stuff is also a hair and body wash and comes in "smells like rosy apples" ideal for making bubble beards. 

The Bubbly stuff "smells like tangy tangerines" is a scrummy smelling bubble bath which makes lots of bubbles. 

The stuff for shiny hair "smells like squeezy lemon's" is a lemony shampoo that is kind to little eyes. 

Last of all is the stuff for hands "smells like squeeky clean lemons" is a fun foam hand wash. 
I have put this hand wash to the side for when Blake is a little older and is able to wash his hands himself as 
I know this will make hand washing much more fun. 

We were also sent a little set of bubbles which Blake loves and also a cute little turtle bath toy which both Stuart and I love squirting Blake with on his belly at bath time. 

We are huge fans of Paddy's bathroom range even mummy has secretly been using the shampoo and one of the body washes herself ;). 

All products retail at £4.49 each except for the bubble bath which is £5.99.
They are available from selected Tesco, Asda and Boots stores and online on Ocado so for a fun and sensory bath time experience purchase Paddy's bath time products today. 

What are your favorite bath time toiletries for your baby and/or children?
comment below.

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