Nourkrin Two Months On

So I have been using Nourkrin for two months now and love the results. 
My hair is definitely a lot more thicker than it used to be and so much more manageable. 
I had my hair cut today and my hairdresser who has been doing my hair for the last 7 years or so
commented on how healthy and fuller my hair is. 

Before starting Nourkrin my hair was flat and lifeless and would break off easily and was so hard to manage. 
After one month of using Nourkrin I was already seeing the results that I really wanted. 
My hair was beginning to look and feel much more thicker and with less breakages my hair was much less wispy. 

As you can see from the photo's above there is significant difference in my hair from the front from before I started Nourkrin and over the last two months. 

I use to find styling my hair a chore as it was such hard work to get it looking how I wanted it to.
Now it's not so much hard work as I'm not having to constantly straighten my hair as much as it's
not as fly away due to the ends not being as wispy. 

I can definitely see a difference in all three photo's of the back of my hair. 
The last photo taken today my hair looks so much healthier and looks much thicker too. 

Next month will be the third month of using Nourkrin which is the recommended amount of time using Nourkrin before seeing a noticeable difference. This is really like anything in the fact that you have to give it time and that consistency is key to having an improvement with the condition of your hair. 

Have you ever tried a supplement to help with hair growth? 
I'd love to know your thoughts 
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