Kleenbots Disposable Nappies

When it comes to disposable nappies it's important to find a brand that you like and works well for you. 
One of the main things we consider is quality and cost.

We use to use disposables on a daily basis with Blake until he was a few months old. 
These days we use them occasionally like when we have far too much washing to get through,
or for example in September we are going on holiday for a few days. 

We have tried out quiet a few different brands and recently we have been given the opportunity to try out
a brand of nappies that we have only recently heard of Kleenbots. 

Kleenbots have been in business since mid 2013 and they believe that when it comes to nappies price and quality are important. 

The nappies come in size 1 (3-7kg), size 2 (5-10kg), size 3 (9-14kg) and size 4 (12-16kg) .
The nappies have an elastic waistband, super absorbent core, double leak guard, wetness indicator,  soft breathable backsheet, refastenable tapes and lock-in leg cuffs

Inside the nappies feel really soft and Blake seems to feel comfortable wearing them.
We have had no leaks so far and have also had no rashes. 

The design of the nappies are cute and simple. 
I like the wetness indicator as it is very useful for younger babies who need to be changed more frequently.
 I also really like the elastic waist at the back of the nappy as it makes me feel that the nappy is more secure on Blake. 

As for the price of nappies the amount of nappies you get and the price depends on the size you need. 

300 size one nappies are £41 
300 size two nappies are 41
240 size three nappies are £35.60 
180 size four nappies are £31.04

All prices include delivery as they nappies are delivered right to your door. 

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