Our Cloth Nappy System

Having a good cloth nappy system is important to make life a lot easier for you. 
When we first started out using cloth Blake was a few months old and we started out using pocket nappies.
We didn't really get on well with them, although we had only tried one brand we did find Blake leaked from them a lot as he is a heavy wetter. 
We also didn't like them as they were a faff to use when it came to stuffing the pockets.

Over the last few months I really got into cloth nappies after purchasing a Bambinio Mio Miosoft set in Aldi. Having had great results we ended up purchasing a set of 20 cotton nappies in one size and eight wraps, four in size one and four in size two. 

For some people its easier to use All In Ones (AIO) over the last week or two we decided to purchase some Bambinio Mio Miosolo's (AIO). We chose to purchase these as Blake has started to leak badly from his disposables that he was wearing at night and it gave us  an opportunity to start using cloth full time. AIO are also easier for when you are out and about and on the go and are just as quick and simple as a disposable nappy. 

Another thing to think of is the fastening system as you can get poppers or velcro. 
We personally like velcro more due to the faff of trying to do poppers up on a wiggly baby
is just too tricky.



An essential accessory is a nappy bucket and laundry bags. 
We use the Bambinio Mio ones the bucket is a great size with a lockable lid which means Blake wont be able to get into the bucket (Yet). 
The mesh laundry bags are a great size and are great quality and makes life easier for us as we don't have to touch dirty nappies when loading our machine. 
We dry pail which means that we don't soak our nappies we just pop them all in the machine when it comes to wash day. 


We usually use cloth wipes (not pictured) we purchased some cheap ones from Ebay whilst I pregnant but if you have the money  to spend a bit more a brand I have heard is great is cheeky wipes.

We also have some Bambinio Miowipes which we got in the accessory set that we purchased.They are a natural baby wipes which have been specifically formulated to help prevent the causes of nappy rash by providing baby with a gentle, alcohol free alternative to normal baby wipes. I like these as they can be flushed down the loo with Blake's liners especially when he has done a poo. I won't be purchasing them again as I prefer to use cloth wipes and when I do use disposables I tend to go for Aldi's ones which are cheaper but we only use them when out and about for convenience. 


Again we use ones from the Bambino  range we have recently purchased some of the softer Mioliners  that have recently come out and we really get on well with them. They can be flushed down the toilet and catch poo very well. 


The Mioboost's are essential to me as Blake can be in nappies a bit longer than usual when having these in his nappies. In the miosoft nappies he can last up to four hours with a mioboost in them and lasts overnight with a mioboost in his miosolo's which with Blake is on average 12 hours.


I use a scoop of miofresh in every wash.
This is a nappy cleanser which  is designed to clean, freshen and deodorize cloth nappies.

So that is our cloth nappy system 
It's a pretty simple system and they are such great products too. 

If you are a lover of cloth I'd love to know your cloth nappy system. 
If not i'd love to know your thoughts on my system.

comment below. 

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