Blake 9 Months


Blake is 9 months old today, it's strange to know that in 3 months time our little boy will be 1! 
The last 9 months of him being here with us have gone by so much faster than the pregnancy. 
I still feel like it was yesterday that I found out I was pregnant and doing 3 tests and still not feeling like it was all real.   


Blake is still fitting well in 9-12 months clothing. 
He has a few tops which are a little tight, however I've worked out that Peacocks clothing tends to not 
last as long as on him as other brands he wears and tend to come up smaller. 

He has his 2 bottom teeth but that's all so far, he has started to 
dribble more again so don't think it will be that long til more start to come through. 
At the moment I've not had to give him any teething gel or calpol (touch wood).


He is still sleeping well except when he has a cold. 
He has had another cold this month which made him not sleep well for 4 nights
in a row but he slept more in the day. 


He is on three bottles a day of 240ml although not always finishing them every day.
He is eating 3 meals near enough every day now.
I have been struggling to get him to drink some cool boiled water but my health visitor has told me that 
it's not anything I really need to worry about at the moment. 


Having Blake's 9 month review today has meant that I have realized more of what Blake can do which makes me so proud. 

He has most likely been doing these things for awhile now I've just not took notice in them as
much as the  big milestones. 

- He is able to sit up unsupported now when he chooses to but is rare as he doesn't like to and much prefers to stand or practice trying to crawl.

-  Blake is able to stand up with support but also able to stand up holding onto the sofa without support. 

- He is able to pick up small toys with the tips of his thumb and fingers

-  He can pass a toy from one hand to the other

- he can pick up one small toy in each hand.

- He can bang one toy against another on a table 

- He is able to find small toys under a cloth after watching us hide it. 

- He can drink from a cup (when he wants to) 

- He is able to feed himself

- when dressing him he is able to push his arm through the sleeve once his arm is started in the hole. 

- He is able to say Da Da and other babbling 


- Blake has started clapping his hands and tends to do this when being dressed or when watching 

- He loves In The Night Garden especially Iggle Piggle and sequels with excitements and does little jumps.
This evening I looked over to see him waving at the TV when Iggle Piggle was the screen. 

- We have joined a new baby group called baby beeps which is a song session but very sensory 
with feather, lights, parachutes etc. 

- We have also started taking Blake to swimming lessons on a Saturday afternoon. 

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  1. Ahh, such a sweet post filled with lots of milestones. Something lovely to look back on in years to come! x

  2. Blake is such a lovely name, it was one of my choices when I was pregnant with my son. It seems like he's growing perfectly and has great taste - In the Night Garden is one of my faves ;)

    1. Aww thank you. We have brought him an iggle piggle cuddly toy now.

  3. Ah he is dote, a lovely post filled with lots of firsts and big milestones, it will be lovely to look back on in a few years

  4. Teehee - this made me smile! He's such a cutey! I'm sure my friend's with kids have similar experiences

  5. He's so cute! My youngest is just turning 8 months so starting to do some of his milestones, our household is also a fan of In The Night Garden

  6. I love reading baby updates. I enjoyed writing each one of Eli's. It's scary that mines now 19 months old. Time goes far too quickly

    Cat x

  7. OMG he looks to big! I love these posts, as it's a great memory to look back on. Must get those flashcards!

    1. The flash cards are brill they coming out with toddler ones in October.

    2. The flash cards are brill they coming out with toddler ones in October.

  8. What a beautiful way to remember all your dear little son's milestone - I wish I'd been blogging when my own children were babies. Enjoy each day as wee babes grow into little people real quick!

  9. Ah bless him, what a gorgeous little man. Sounds like he’s doing perfectly x

  10. enjoy this time they grow up so fast. I miss will my sound was this age the way he smells he lost everything. Congratulations on your bundle of joy 9 months.