Fisher-Price Space Saver Jumperoo

Hi everyone, so today I am showing you the Fisher-Price space saver Jumperoo. 
Over the last few weeks we have been testing out this fab jumperoo (well mainly Blake has). 
Now Blake has been in a jumperoo once before over at one of his little friends. 
However we felt that if we purchased one for Blake it would take up 
too much precious floor space. 
We also weren't too sure since my in laws had recently bought him a walker. 

So when I was asked if we were interested in trying out the space saver from Fisher-Price we jumped at the chance (no pun intended). 

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo was created after listening to many Mum's concerns with regards to the size of most jumperoo's. So this lovely jumperoo is one that can be folded flat for easy storage. I feel that this jumperoo is a life saver for Mum's and Dad's alike especially if living a small flat like us with lack of storage space.


Quick and easy to Assemble

When you open the box the first thing that made me worry was the amount of bits and pieces there are to put it together. However my husband who loves doing things like this decided to assemble it and it was all up and ready in about 5 minutes.

It folds down
      An obvious one but it folds down.
This is a huge plus point for us since big baby items tend to be bulky and living in a small two bed flat makes space essential.

A wide variety of toys and music
The jumperoo has a good amount of toys for Blake to grab, spin, poke and chew on. 
The toys are as follows: 
- A light up musical piano which has a little spinner toy in the middle which Blake loves. 
- A soft-sided overhead toy bar with monkey roller ball and two rainforest friends spinners.
- Bubble frog teether
- clacker ring bar
- Turtle clicker. 

Easy to adjust
The height is adjustable with four height adjustments this means the jumperoo grows with your baby.


It weighs 5kg so is very portable which makes it great for moving around.  I like
to swap around his jumperoo with his walker and have one in the living room and one in his bedroom. 

Bright colors

We love that is bright and attractive to the eye. 
Before we popped Blake into it for the first time he kept looking towards it. 

Washable seat
I love that the seat is washable as Blake has on a few occasions been having snacks whilst in the jumperoo.
It is also great if there are any nappy explosions as I know it can just be popped into the washing machine.


The piano isn't a piano
Although described as a piano what you actually get is lights that flash up as the music plays.
It would've been nice to have keys that could be pressed. 

It's a bit tricky to fold down
Although the fact that it folds down is a plus. 
It is a bit tricky to fold up and down as its quite stiff I'm hoping this will get better
the more often it is used. 

No batteries are included
I know not all toys have batteries included but feel that if you're going
to spend a large amount of money on something ( the jumperoo retails at £79.99) 
then I would want batteries to be included. 


Blake loves playing in the jumperoo, it took him a few days to get use to the idea of needing to jump as he was use to his walker. 

The bright colours, great amount of toys, lovely music and sounds as well as the jumparoo being fold-able and light weight, makes this jumperoo a must have for lots of fun and giggles. 

What are your thoughts on the Fisher-price space saver Jumperoo? 
Did/do you use a jumperoo for your little one/s? 

Would you like to comment?