Slimfast: New Products

If you read my blog regularly you will know that not long ago I took part in the SlimFastChallenge
Slimfast asked me to take part in their 3, 2, 1 plan over a couple of weeks and let you know 
how I got on. 

The plan is simple you have 3 low calorie snacks a day, 2 meal replacement bars or shakes and then a healthy 600 calorie meal. This can include the range of slimfast snacks and or healthy options such as fruit or veg.

I found the plan a bit of a struggle as found I didn't find it super filling which meant I was having more snacks than I was meant to and found I was thinking of food an awful lot due to hunger. This meant over the two weeks I didn't loose any weight and instead gained a bit. 
You can see my Pros and Cons about the plan here

Slimfast have listened to the feedback of myself and other bloggers who took part in the challenge,and have 
reduced the sugar content by 30% in their milkshake powders and ready to drink shakes. 

They have recently also introduced a starter pack to help you kick start your weightloss and contains everything you will need to get started. It's a fab way for you give the plan ago and see if it's for you. 

The starter pack contains: 
x6 ready to drink shakes
x8 meal replacement bars
x7 snack bags
x7 snack bars. 

I am pleased that they decided to reduce the sugar content in some of their products as this was one of my main concerns regarding the plan. 

On top of introducing a starter kit Slimfast have also introduced new Slimfast Noodle Boxes. 
I am glad that they have chosen to come out with a new savory product especially one that replaces a meal rather than as a snack. 

The new noodle pots come in three flavours: 
Chicken Tikka Masala 
Spicy Thai Noodles
Spaghetti bolognese

The noodle boxes have to be popped into the microwave for 2 minutes and then they are ready to eat. 
Which is great if your busy like myself with a 9 month old. 
As well as being tasty they are under 100 calories per serving which means you can eat them alone
or add vegetables. 
 How does this work you may ask? 
Well it is achieved by using konjac a Asian root vegetable with hardly any calories and no fat or sugar. 

So there you have it a new starter pack, new noodle boxes and 30% reduction in sugar in their milkshakes. 
Will you be giving the new range a try?

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