Christmas 2015 Prep

I know it's only October but one of my favorite time of year is coming. 

Although I love Christmas it can be expensive and now that we have Blake 
who was born 9 days before Christmas it's not only going to be an expensive time of year
but it's going to be pretty hectic which means that I have to be on the ball when it comes to everything Christmas.

Our budget for each person has already be sorted and Blake's presents have all been purchased 
and I have started putting money aside each week for everyone else's gifts that we will need to be brought.

We don't have to worry about cards this year as we brought a few boxes in the sales a few years ago so they should last us a few more years yet. 

As for decorations we will need to buy new ones this in exempt of our little elf door and mistletoe as we got rid of the Christmas tree and decoration's last Christmas. 
Our tree was basically falling apart so had to chuck it out and we had it for a good few years so not worried. 
We will need to get new tree decorations as well this is because the baubles were glass ones which obviously aren't suitable with a child around.

Wrapping paper I am in two minds about I have a feeling we made need to purchase more but will wrap presents up in advance to make sure that we don't run out on Christmas eve. 

For food we don't know yet about what we will be doing for Christmas day or boxing day yet but am planning to budget for some Christmas food to have in just in case. 
Plus we just have to have mince pies in our home right? 

As for other Christmas prep I am coming up with some exciting things for Blake mainly to do in the countdown to Christmas.  I am thinking of doing a Christmas eve box and trip to Santa has to be done but am pinning more 
ideas of things we can get up to.  

I'd love to know what traditions you get up to? 
comment below. 

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