Blake 10 months

Another month has gone by and Blake is now 10 months old. 
We are starting to come up with more ideas of what to do for Blake's first birthday and so far
have purchased his outfit to wear on the day and also decided on what cake to do for him. 


Blake is still in some of his 9-12 month clothing but the outfit he is wearing today is 12-18 months and fits much better.  I think it's time to change is wardrobe around and put all his 12-18 months bits in and take out his 9-12 months clothing. 

He was a bit grumpy the other week and we didn't realise at the time it 
was because another tooth was coming through. Blake now has 3 teeth all at the bottom.
He also had bad nappy rash so now we know why, I guess we just didn't put two and two together. 

Blake is still sleeping well but his routine has changed yet again! 
He now goes down for a morning nap between 10 and 10:30 am and will sleep for one or two hours so will be up in time for lunch. In the afternoon he sometimes has a nap for an hour or so other times he won't and ends up going to bed earlier.
 On an average day Blake will go to bed between 8 and 8:30pm and then sleeps through the night
and will wake anytime between 6:30 and 7:30am. 

He is still on three bottles a day but is cutting down the amount per feed now since he is eating a lot more food. 
He eats three meals a day and eats the same as us the majority of the time. 
He is now finally decided that he doesn't mind drinking cool boiled water (persistence is key) 
and loves to hold his cup and drink by himself. 


- He can crawl yay he finally did it! 
He is a very active baby and wont keep still and loves crawling every where which makes nappy changes a lot more harder. 

-  He has been clapping a lot this month and banging toys together

- He has started to also wave a lot more and likes to hi five with mummy and daddy. 


- He is getting a lot more confident in the swimming pool and loves it! 
He has started kicking his feet in the water and is getting more use to having his face splashed and really has lots of fun. 

- He keeps changing the music on his cot mobile or turning it on first thing in the morning

-  He loves going to the park and have been a few more times although still not been with Daddy yet.  

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