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So I've now completed using Nourkrin three months as recommended. 
You can read about my  issues and also how I got on at one month on and 

I am very pleased with the results that I have had by using Nourkrin over the last three months. 
I was a bit skeptical to begin with as I have used products to make my hair thicker before but 
didn't find them to work as well as I had hoped they would. 

When I first chose to try Nourkin back in June my hair was very wispy, limp and would break off easily as it was so fragile. 
After using it for a month I had already noticed a difference. 
My hair wasn't no where near as wispy and felt more thicker. 
By August I had been using it for two months and could see a significant difference. 
I had my hair trimmed that month and my hairdresser commented on how much healthier , stronger 
and thicker my hair now is. 

So now I have been using it for three months as of 13th September I am seeing results that I wouldn't have thought possible. 
My hair is so much more healthier, thicker,and stronger than before I used the supplement. 
I no longer straighten my hair every day as I find it easy to manage as its no longer as fly away and looks near enough how I want it to. 

Left to right
June, July, August, September

Left to right
June, July, August, September

I definitely believe that consistency is key when it comes to trying out this supplement and trialing it over a three month period like I have will prove that the results can be amazing. 

I hope that I will be able to continue using this supplement as I don't want to stop seeing the fantastic results that it has on my hair. 

I was always self conscious about my hair but since using Nourkrin I feel more confident with my hair and  I don't worry as much about how it looks on a daily basis. 

If you would like to Purchase Nourkrin it is sold here
I have seen it also in my local Holland and Barrett but not sure if all stores do it
but worth a look. 

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Unknown said...

Another useful post - I think hair supplements definitely have their benefits along with a balanced diet. Looks like this is a good product. Great review.

Unknown said...

Your hair does look noticeably stronger! I'd have quite limp, weak hair myself, so would definitely be interested in giving products like this a go. xx

Unknown said...

My hair has been in really bad condition since having children so this sounds like a product i should definitely be using.

Michelle said...

I am so happy you found a product that works for you. I have thin hair too which breaks off. I haven't heard of nurkin

Joanne said...

That looks like an interesting product. My hair is always so thin and just looks flat and boring

Newcastle Family Life said...

I never use products on my hair as I a useless at knowing what to buy/use as I am so out the loop since having children. This sounds great though and it is good to know these products do actually work xx

Unknown said...

On the back pictures you can see the differences! It's amazing! I have to check this product because I have a lot of hair but it's really thin which makes it oily really easy.
Thank you for the review!

Janine said...

My hair is thin too and I think it got thinner over the last few years. I straighten it every morning which doesn't make it really better I don't think but I asked my hair dresser about it and she said it was fine. I always need to brush my hair a bit back at the back otherwise it looks like I am gone bald. lol

Admin said...

It looks like it has worked so well for you. I need some sort of supplement that doesn't thicken (my hair is super thick) but still makes it stronger :-)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a really interesting product with good results. Your hair looks fabulous by the way :) I have very thin hair but lot's of it, It's quite difficult to keep it looking nice.