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So I've now completed using Nourkrin three months as recommended. 
You can read about my  issues and also how I got on at one month on and 

I am very pleased with the results that I have had by using Nourkrin over the last three months. 
I was a bit skeptical to begin with as I have used products to make my hair thicker before but 
didn't find them to work as well as I had hoped they would. 

When I first chose to try Nourkin back in June my hair was very wispy, limp and would break off easily as it was so fragile. 
After using it for a month I had already noticed a difference. 
My hair wasn't no where near as wispy and felt more thicker. 
By August I had been using it for two months and could see a significant difference. 
I had my hair trimmed that month and my hairdresser commented on how much healthier , stronger 
and thicker my hair now is. 

So now I have been using it for three months as of 13th September I am seeing results that I wouldn't have thought possible. 
My hair is so much more healthier, thicker,and stronger than before I used the supplement. 
I no longer straighten my hair every day as I find it easy to manage as its no longer as fly away and looks near enough how I want it to. 

Left to right
June, July, August, September

Left to right
June, July, August, September

I definitely believe that consistency is key when it comes to trying out this supplement and trialing it over a three month period like I have will prove that the results can be amazing. 

I hope that I will be able to continue using this supplement as I don't want to stop seeing the fantastic results that it has on my hair. 

I was always self conscious about my hair but since using Nourkrin I feel more confident with my hair and  I don't worry as much about how it looks on a daily basis. 

If you would like to Purchase Nourkrin it is sold here
I have seen it also in my local Holland and Barrett but not sure if all stores do it
but worth a look. 

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