Christmas Boutique : Nativity Set

When it comes to Christmas one of things I love is decorating our home with decorations. 
Now that we have Blake I am looking forward to it even more. 
This year we will be getting a new tree and also new decorations. 

There is one decoration that I have wanted year after year and that was to get a nativity set. 
As Christmas is all about the birth of baby Jesus I wanted to bring a bit of tradition into our home. 

This one is from The Christmas Boutique which retails at £34.95.
The Christmas Boutique always sell a fab range of Christmas decorations and 
I have been lucky to collaborate with them for the third year in a row. 

The Christmas Boutique sell in total seven different Nativity sets ranging from £9.99 up to £34.99. 
So if you are looking for one then there should be one that is suitable for you. 

I picked out the cream and red nine piece set which I really love. 
I've decided that it will look perfect either on our window ledge or on the shelf above the fire place.
The set is made from colored polyresin and contains: 
- The three kings
 - Mary and Joseph 
- Animals
- Baby Jesus
- A back drop.

When it comes to Christmas Decorations do you have a nativity set ? 
If so I'd love to see a photo of your's tweet me on @joannabayford
also if you don't I'd love to know what your favorite decorations are this time of year. 
Comment below. 

* This post is in collaboration with The Christmas Boutique.
For details on how I work with Brands have a look at my Work With Me Page

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analyn razon said...

Wow collaboration the third time thats fantastic. I love the selection, maybe i'm thinking of getting one myself to give my home a bit more of a Christmas make over. Thank you for sharing.

Kim Carberry said...

Aww! That is gorgeous! So sweet. I have never thought about getting a a nativity set until now :) x

Angela Milnes said...

We have a really tatty set and id love to replace it one day!

Cliona Kelliher said...

Cute! We have two nativity sets - one was made my my husband and kids so I really treasure that of course and the other I bought in an Oxfam shop and it's an African style nativity so quite unusual!

Cliona Kelliher said...

I love nativity sets, we have one that my husband and kids made and I really treasure it and the other is one I found in an Oxfam and it's an African style nativity so quite unusual :)

Zena's Suitcase said...

I love that nativity set, I would have that in my home. I love decoarting for Christmas, kids definitely love it too

mummy24 said...

I love this - its fab!