Blake's 1st Birthday Gifts

Nine days before Christmas is going to be a very special day. 
A special day because Blake will be turning one! 
It's pretty scary as this year has just flew by and it only feels like yesterday since
I held him in my arms for the first time. 

Because Blake's birthday is so close to Christmas I have had to be pretty organised
so all his presents for both his birthday and Christmas have all been brought. 

I've not found it too hard for him to know what to buy him as I had a rough idea of the things
I wanted him to have plus I have a list on Amazon so that other family members can get ideas on what to get for him as well. 

The In The Night Garden Activity Table was the last item that we purchased for him as it was 
something I really wanted him to have since he loves In The Night Garden (especially Iggle Piggle).
But at £59.99 I felt that it was far too much to spend on a toy however Amazon have it as of writing this post down to £32.84. 

The ball pit  is from argos and I also got the balls for the pit from their as well I like that this toy can be easily 
stored in his toy box as it folds down small and the balls also have a little case to put them in. 

All of the clothing is from HandM's Kids range from the 4 months to 2 years boys section. 
I have a little thing for Monochrome at the moment and just love these pieces. 
This is the first lot of clothing that he owns from there and I am so impressed with prices and quality of the items I have received. 

Black and white outfit (think no longer sold) 

We actually got Blake's second hand but it's a great condition. 
I love that this piggy helps with counting and learning colors but is 
also great for fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. 

I like the look of these they look like a fun and simple toy
that I know Blake will love and have fun with as he loves anything that makes a noise. 

So that is as far as gifts go for Blake's birthday I still have some more things I need to do. 
I have his outfit sorted but want to find some cute shoes to go with it. 
I also have showed my mum a cake idea as she will be making his cake. 
I just need to sort out the little bits like decorations, balloons and wrapping paper.
If anyone knows where I can purchase Iggle Piggle or in the night garden wrapping paper 
that would be great I can't seem to find any. 

I hope this post has been useful as with Christmas also coming up I know a lot of you are going 
to need some ideas for your own child, family or even friends little ones. 

 I would love to know what you have purchased for a child's first birthday?
comment below. 

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Travel Loving Family said...

Great choice of gifts! Wow your house is going to be full of toys by the time you get to xmas day!

beautyqueenuk said...

Ooh now the ball pit is fab, my nephews have one and well you know any excuse for me to get in it x

Anosa said...

9 days before christmas oh wow, nice birthday indeed. As a kid I would have loved it like that as it would mean double presents lol, love what you have picked out

Ana De-Jesus said...

I am in love with the cool little dude and bow tie sweater they are so cute, Blake has got some serious swag. I never knew h&m had such great kids clothes.

Unknown said...

I struggled to try and find things to get Aidan when he turned one because we had gotten him so much for Christmas before. Love the monochrome clothing - H&M are great for kids clothes, we love Zara too :)

Unknown said...

We got Aidan a ball pit for his first Christmas and he loved it! But be warned you will find those balls everywhere haha

Emma T said...

Those plastic eggs are a brilliant toy. N used to love them at other people's houses.

(PS, can I mention that centralised font is so hard to read)

Gemma Etc. said...

Aww how cute is that little ball pit? Xx

Gemma Etc. said...

Aww how cute is that little ball pit? Xx

Unknown said...

You've picked some really lovely stuff. Lamb got the eggs for his first birthday too and he still likes them now! Love the outfits too. I wish H&M sold their baby range up to the age of 3 so Lamb could still wear it! x

Emma said...

oh how lovely. My daughter has just turned six and it just gets faster and faster.

Emily Twin Mummy and Daddy said...

My girls had the pig and the eggs, they loved them! The night garden table looks fun too #anythinggoes

Sarah said...

One is a really hard age but you have picked some lovely things. I especially think the ball pit is a great idea! The hide and seek eggs are brilliant. My children had those when they were younger (or very similar!). They're so much fun. Your little one is going to have a lovely Birthday indeed. xx

Jessica Powell said...

We have the hide and squeak eggs and they're lots of fun :) I love the idea of a ball pit too. Marianna's birthday is New Year's Day so it's going to be awkward making it special. We're going to have a little party though. x #anythinggoes

Frennie1 said...

I love h&ms clothing section for kids :)

Rachel Neal said...

We have the ball pond i had it for me 4 year old as a baby and now the 14 month old plays in it. They play in it together and have so much fun. Be ready to run around picking up the balls he he. Thanks for linking up with #anythinggoes Blogging Mummy