A list to Santa

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Hi Santa 

As a busy Mum this year I would love for you to help me with a little something. 
This year please could I: 

- Be able to eat without my almost one year old getting up set and wanting some. 

-  A husband who will help me with the tidying up before bedtime

- To be able to have a relaxing bath without Blake crying in the background. 

- For my son not to touch the Christmas tree! 

- For Christmas dinner to be magically done without any effort

- Also a money tree would be rather good too 

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Unknown said...

Wow — yes please to a money tree!! That would be amazing wouldn't it?! If you find where to get one from, please let me know!! ;) xx

Unknown said...

He he! This is funny, I hope you get all you wish for! Xx

Okay said...

Wow, so many lovely blogs to go and discover ^_^ Thanks for all linking up to do this! Merry Christmas! x

Unknown said...

Haha i think my letter to Santa would look pretty similar to this, just simple things that make the life of a busy mama that much easier! xx

Unknown said...

All things I too would love to do! Eating dinner without getting up about a hundred times is definitely up there!! Fab giveaway too x

Chloe/Life Unexpected said...

What an amazing giveaway!!! I love your list. I think mine is very, very similar!!! xx #love2blog

The Witt Family said...

lovely post! i also would like to not share or hide from my children with food ha!

Lucy Howard said...

Do you think Santa can get hold of a money tree? I love everything in your list and I am sure many mums agree with being able to eat a meal without it being stolen by your child. A lovely list. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

Loving My Finley said...

I wish i could go atleast ONE meal time without having to share food, well depends if he liked it or not. Maybe i need to eat just vegtables from now on haha! #Love2Blog

Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid said...

Wouldn't it be great it Christmas dinner just made itself! And a money tree would be very handy indeed x

Steph said...

I love your wishes! I've given up with having baths!

Unknown said...

haha the touching of the christmas tree made me giggle my girls have re arranged mine it makes me cringe! x

Unknown said...

I think I'm also in need of a money tree. x