Christmas and Toddler Groups

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Toddler groups can be a life saver so that as parents we can get out
of the house and meet other Mum's and Dads. 
However at Christmas time either groups stop running or 
the groups get extremely busy.

So if you don't have any Christmas groups on or don't want to be 
stuck at groups that are busy than here are some fab ideas of what you can get up to. 

Meet up with other parents
Arrange to do things with your Mummy/Daddy friends. 
Last month a Mummy friend set up a group of us to go over to 
each others homes for coffee and cake. 
This is a great idea if you don't want to spend money going out. 
Another idea is to go to soft play and meet up with your Mummy/Daddy friends. 

Go for a walk

This is a fab way to get out and about. 
I love going for walks to the park and also 
if you have any forests or woods near you they are also fab places to go for walks. 
This of course may not be something you would want to do if its really wet, windy and cold 
outside though. 

Arts and Crafts
There are so many Christmas arts and craft ideas on Pinterest 
so why not get out the paint, play dough or other crafty bits and have fun 
making something with your children. 
My favorite craft ideas are making Christmas tree decorations and special 
Christmas cards for Grandparents and/or other family members.  

Last of all if you do decided to go to some toddler groups around Christmas time 
than these handy tips may get you through. 

Pack what you need
Make sure you have spare clothing, bottles, snacks
and nappies just in case you really don't want to get caught out. 

Know where the changing facilities are
Not all places where groups are held have changing facilities.  
So it's  worth while not only knowing where they are if they do have them.
But also if they don't or there is a que where will be suitable to change your child. 

Do you have any more tips and ideas? 

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