I love baking but its not something that be do often enough. 
When it comes to cakes, cookies, bread, biscuits etc they always taste 
better homemade and smell amazing too. 

I was recently asked if I would be interested in having a sample of
a new bi-monthly subscription box that will be launching in January 2016. 

Bake Box is a subscription box designed for blossoming bakers to build up 
a range of new skills as well as a collection of baking equipment. 

Bake Box will be the first of it's kind over here in the UK and includes recipe cards for 6 stunning bakes and the tools needed to transform any cake into a showstopper. 
Bake box has also collaborated with Rainbow Dust to offer subscribers fantastic professional-grade cake decorating products that will add the ultimate finishing touch to bakes. 
The contents of the box will be kept secret as they would like each box to be a surprise. 

I received my box last Thursday December 3rd and took photos
as I opened so I can show the unboxing with you all. 

The mint colored box was a great start when I opened my parcel 
and I love the color and logo.
I'm not sure if I am the only one but when it comes to baking or bakery type things
I always think of pastel colors so this was a perfect fit for the box.

When I opened the box I saw that everything is wrapped up in gorgeous butterfly 
tissue paper. 
This made it more exciting and eager for me to see what was inside.

So first all in the box was a gingerbread house mould. 
The box comes with a recipe card on how to make your own gingerbread house. 
For me being a novice when it comes to baking am a little nervous of the idea of making my own gingerbread house. 
However I do want to give it a go as practice makes perfect right?

The box also contains a mould of different mini shapes which I think will 
be ideal for me to use to make some Christmas chocolate treats but am sure there are many other baking bits you can use these for. 

I really love the look of the snowflake mould and really want to have a go 
at making a Christmassy cake using this. 

There is also some cute star cutters in 5 different sizes so I am going to use
these to make some star shaped biscuits or cookies for Blake's Birthday. 

There are also some baking decorating items thanks to Rainbow Dust. 
There is x2 food coloring red and green and also a pot of edible glitter. 

With a subscription to the Bake Box you automatically receive complimentary access to the Bake Club Live site. Here you can check out masterclass videos, receive bonus recipes and show endless possibilities for new creations using your new professional toolkit!

Bake Box  is £14.99 per month and it’s great value for money as each box contains at least £40 worth of equipment.

*Please note that this is just a sample box and not an official box. 

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