Kitchen Trotter: A Christmas Gift For Foodies

When it comes to Christmas if you know someone who is a foodie.
Than they will love Kitchen Trotter. 

Kitchen Trotter is a food kit that gives you products and recipes to enable you
to make some yummy meals from different countries. 

The kit I received was the Indonesia one which I unfortunately am not 
too keen on so wont be giving it a go. 

However if you know someone that loves this kind of thing than this would make
a fantastic gift idea. 

The Indonesia kit menu is as follows: 

- Gado- Gado 
a salad served with a lovely sauce 

- Mie Goreng 
A dish with a mixture of flavors. 

- Ayam Areh 
Discover Kemiri nuts in this dish 

Kue Dadar Gulung
The pandan aroma will give a lovely coconut color 
to coconut crepes

Please note that to do these recipes you will have to purchase other food items 
as well. 

So inside the kit is the following items: 

- Gado Gado Mix
a peanut based mix to give a lot of taste to your dressing

- Kecap Manis 
A sweet and slightly thick soya sauce

- Terasi 
a fermented prawn paste 

- Combava leaves 

-Lemon Grass powder

- Pandan Aroma 
a tasty plant only a few drops are needed to add flavor and color to your dish. 

Kermiri nuts

and an hourglass. 

What do you think?  Do you know someone who would love this? 

Would you like to comment?