Blake's Winter/Christmas Books

When it comes to Christmas we are looking forward to the many traditions that we are planning to start with Blake. 
One of them traditions is Christmas books. 
I know quite a few people do a book advent but we have chosen instead to each year
to get out a selection of Christmas/winter books to read to Blake. 

I have chosen to show you the books we found and decided to purchase for Blake that 
had the Christmas/winter theme. 

One Snowy Night
This is a cute book that I found in a local charity shop. 
I love that it is a touch and feel book which I know Blake will love. 

One snowy Christmas, a cold little hedgehog wakes from his winter sleep to find a present from Father Christmas. A snug wooly hat, just what he needs! 
But when he tries to wear the hat his prickles get in the way. 
Then hedgehog has a wonderful idea...

Say Hello to the Snowy Animals

"Come with Husky and say hello,
in the land of ice and snow."
I like this books as it has animals that live in cold climates 
which will help aid learning. 

Foxes in the Snow

A cute wintry tale of two little adventurous little fox cubs and their first snowfall. 

Both books we purchased from The Works

I picked up these four books for £1 each in Wilko. 
- Snowmans Party
- Santa's busy night 
- The perfect Christmas Tree
Little reindeer want's to play.

They are cute Christmas themed books which have a touch and feel front
cover. They are such bright, Christmassy colors which I know Blake will love. 

The Nativity
We had to include the traditional Christmas story of the birth of baby 
Jesus. After all that is what Christmas, is all a bout celebrating his birth. 

The Night Before Christmas
This book is going to be in Blake's Christmas Eve box which I am currently sorting out. 
I love this magical classic so it's a book I just had to purchase. 
Again these two books were from The Works.

I may get a few new ones each year and then I will then build a collection enough to start
a Christmas book advent for Blake. 

Do you have a selection of winter/Christmas books that you love to read to your little one/s?
I'd love to know what ones 
comment below.

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