Blake's Winter/Christmas Books


When it comes to Christmas we are looking forward to the many traditions that we are planning to start with Blake. 
One of them traditions is Christmas books. 
I know quite a few people do a book advent but we have chosen instead to each year
to get out a selection of Christmas/winter books to read to Blake. 

I have chosen to show you the books we found and decided to purchase for Blake that 
had the Christmas/winter theme. 

One Snowy Night
This is a cute book that I found in a local charity shop. 
I love that it is a touch and feel book which I know Blake will love. 

One snowy Christmas, a cold little hedgehog wakes from his winter sleep to find a present from Father Christmas. A snug wooly hat, just what he needs! 
But when he tries to wear the hat his prickles get in the way. 
Then hedgehog has a wonderful idea...

Say Hello to the Snowy Animals

"Come with Husky and say hello,
in the land of ice and snow."
I like this books as it has animals that live in cold climates 
which will help aid learning. 

Foxes in the Snow

A cute wintry tale of two little adventurous little fox cubs and their first snowfall. 

Both books we purchased from The Works

I picked up these four books for £1 each in Wilko. 
- Snowmans Party
- Santa's busy night 
- The perfect Christmas Tree
Little reindeer want's to play.

They are cute Christmas themed books which have a touch and feel front
cover. They are such bright, Christmassy colors which I know Blake will love. 

The Nativity
We had to include the traditional Christmas story of the birth of baby 
Jesus. After all that is what Christmas, is all a bout celebrating his birth. 

The Night Before Christmas
This book is going to be in Blake's Christmas Eve box which I am currently sorting out. 
I love this magical classic so it's a book I just had to purchase. 
Again these two books were from The Works.

I may get a few new ones each year and then I will then build a collection enough to start
a Christmas book advent for Blake. 

Do you have a selection of winter/Christmas books that you love to read to your little one/s?
I'd love to know what ones 
comment below.

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  1. I do not have kiddies yet but I love reading children's books and reviewed a few on my blog. What a lovely collection you have for Blake

  2. Some of the artwork in children's books is amazing. Foxes in the Snow looks really pretty plus I'm obsessed with foxes :P x

  3. I love books like these. My kids are older now, but I used to love reading to them when they were little.

  4. What lovely books! I love reading the nativity with my daughter. Thanks for sharing these fab books!

  5. We're doing book advent this year though we've not hot all Christmas ones as I've wrapped up the ones he's already got! A couple of Christmas ones have made it with night before Christmas, that's not my Santa and Mr Men Christmas!

  6. Lovely books. I didn't know Wilkos sold them so cheap. Will have to check them out x

  7. A lovely selection of books especially The Night Before Christmas. It will put me in the festive mood :)

  8. These all sound brilliant we read the night before Christmas a lot this time if year. :) we have a book advent but I really like you idea as it means you get to read all the stories all the way through the month and not just when you open them! Xx

  9. I love reading Christmas books to the kids. I'm going to look for the Nativity book you have listed. I have two but they aren't as colorful looking as this one. It's nice to have the proper story of Christmas mixed in with the santa & snowman books x

  10. Such fab bargains! I love finding lovely cheap books. I might have to pop to Wilkos to have a look x

  11. The Night Before Christmas is a great classic children's book that my little cousins look forward to reading. They may also like Foxes in the Snow.

  12. Oh these are so sweet. I definitely had my go-to bedtime books for the kids when winter came around!

  13. Those books are so adorable! I can imagine why they're your favorite! I can't remember the last time I read to my girls, they are all grown up now.

  14. Oh I love your list, I buy new Christmas stories every year ... will have to add a few. Thanks

  15. I pretty much love Usborne books and will be getting a few for my kids

  16. Reading Christmas books is one of my absolute favorite things about the holidays. I just collaborated with a local publisher and got to read some of their latest books--some funny, some heartwarming, all wonderful.

  17. I did a book advent a few years ago - it was super fun for the kids

  18. Oohh such a great books. I would love this for my two kids

  19. Aww, lovely selection of children's books! My daughter would love all of these. Especially the snoy animals one. Another good Christmas collection is the Mr Men Christmas books, we have a couple so far.
    Thanks for sharing :) xx

  20. I love the illustrations in the books. They will easily catch a child's attention. My girls will love these books.

  21. We picked up a few from the library this week. I've read a book called Pajama Elves, which everyone enjoyed.

  22. My babies love books and this looks like a great tradition to start with them. Thanks for sharing!

  23. We have the foxes in the snow book and my little one loves it. great collection you have and a wonderful tradition to start.