Blake's Christmas Presents

A few weeks ago I shared with you what we gifts have got for Blake's first birthday.
Which you can read about here.

Today I wanted to share with you the bits that we have got him for Christmas. 
We have mainly got him little gifts and one big gift. 

Bing Swing and other episodes
This present is from Santa. 
Blake watches Bing Bunny on Cbeebies from time to time
and loves it. Admittedly not as much as In the night garden. 
But I wanted to get one of the Bing Dvds so that he can watch something if needs be when 
I am busy tidying or cleaning. 

Wooden Rocket Puzzle Stacker 
This wooden rocket puzzle is ideal for teaching your child to learn spacial awareness and learning the basics of numbers, shapes, colours and sizes. 
Each piece is numbered one to ten and has bright colors. 
We got this from Wilko and love the rocket shape.

My Pal Scout
My Pal Scout  can learn your child's name and likes such as favorite food.
This is done via connecting to your mobile or tablet and using the app. 
If your child has a very unique name though its worth looking to see if that name
is in the list of names.

The cute puppy teaches:
- Learning about numbers: children are introduced to number names and number order through counting games and activities.

- Introducing daily routines: learning about daily routines help children develop a sense of time and sequence.

Learning about feelings: even very young children can begin to recognise and express their feelings, as well as the feelings of others.

In The Night Garden Goodnight Iggle Piggle Book
This is a bright and colorful book which I know Blake will love. 
As I have mentioned before Blake loves Iggle Piggle and 
we love reading. 

Fisher price smart stages scooter
The smart stages scooter has the smart stages learning technology meaning it will grow with him. 
Every baby develops at his or her own pace, and Smart Stages technology gives you the ability to select the stage that’s best for your child! 
There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds within three levels of play,just slide the switch for level changes.

In The Night Garden Puzzle
To add to Blake's toy collection we decided to include this 
In the night garden puzzle to help aid his fine motor skills.
But also as he loves In the night garden we thought this would grab his attention. 

So there you go with Christmas getting even nearer I hope this has given you 
even more ideas in case you still need to start shopping. 

Does your little one/s have any of these toys? 
I'd love to know. 
Also if you would like me to write some reviews on some of the toys 
we have got him than let me know which ones. 
As usual comment below. 

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