Photo's to take of your child's Birthday

With Blake's first birthday coming up so fast I have compiled a list of
photos that I plan to take of his special day. 

So I have decided to share my ideas with you as I feel that 
they are suitable for not just a first birthday. 

1. The night before 
when your little one is fast asleep in their cot/bed. 
You can caption it in his/her baby book with 
for example
" tonight my little one fell asleep an [insert age]...
tomorrow he/she will wake up as a [insert age] 

2. The night before 
Present's all wrapped up and ready for your little one in the morning

3. Decorations
This is especially great if your child's birthday/party has a theme. 

4. Food
I'll be taking photo's of Blake's breakfast and also his buffet lunch/dinner

5. Cake Smash 
This is a great one to photograph I'm planning to do Blake's whilst he is in his highchair. 

6. With parent/'s and other family members 

7. Opening presents 

8. Birthday cards

9. Calendar with the date of your little ones birthday 

10. Flat lay of your little ones special birthday outfit 

11. close up of accessories 
such as shoes, headbands etc

12. Playing with gifts

13. Photo's of what you get up to 
for example we are taking Blake to a soft play 
so we will be taking photos of what he gets up to there. 

14. Candles with your child's age 

15. All dressed up 

16. Birthday cake

I hope this post has giving you some ideas of photo's you can 
take of your child/'s special day. 

If you have some more ideas feel free to let me know. 

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