My Christmas Wishlist

Every year I get asked what I would like for Christmas and 
I always never know what to ask for. 
This year I have compiled a list of items that I would love to see under the tree. 

I don't expect to get all of these but I wanted to be able to give others some ideas. 
The ones photographed are items that I want the most. 

Soap and Glory The Whole She Bang
I have wanted the big soap and glory set for the last few years
but never seem to be able to get hold of it half price. 
Maybe this will be the year? 

Make Up Revolution Eye Shadow Palette
The one photographed is the flawless Matte palette
but I also like the shimmer palette as well. 

Real Techniques Make Up Brushes
I love both of these and know that someone has already got them for me.
I've really been getting into my make up recently and have been watching videos on
youtube so a good set of brushes are ideal. 

Kilner Glass
I really like the look of these and the pale blue one from Wilko is cute. 
They also do them in pink. 

The Bloggers Planner
I've wanted one of these for ages and Stuart has got me one 
for Christmas during the Black Friday sale. 

Adele 25 CD
I really love Adele and am hoping to be able to get tickets to go 
and see her March in London. 

Glamour Magazine Subscription
Glamour is the magazine that I read the most and it would be
great to get a subscription which would save money as its £1 an issue rather than £2 
if you buy a 12 month one. 

Books are always a good present for me and I have a list on Amazon. 
I'm a big reader although I need to get off the internet and read a bit more again.
This will be my new year goal to read more. 

What have you asked for Christmas this year? 

I'd love to know
comment below. 

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