Back To Normality

This week onward's we are getting the  flat back in order and getting back into a routine after Christmas. 
We took our Christmas tree down on the first of January and I finally moved most of Blake's Birthday and  Christmas presents into his room. We have a few which are currently out in our living room but am planning on
using the large wicker basket next to sofa to store more toys. 

So far this is a temp way of organizing things as I am getting a copy of
 The life changing magic of tidying up. My goal this year is to be a lot more organised with both blogging and home life. 

I sorted out Blake's bookshelf the other day. 
I moved his winter/ Christmas books into our storage cupboard with the Christmas bits ready for next Christmas. 
So he only has his everyday books on the shelf now. 
I also have three baskets which are filled with bits and bobs. 
One has all his cuddly toys in as he has so many, the next just has random bits in
it at the moment and the last one is filled with toy cars that he has. 

The majority of his toys are currently stored in his toy box at the moment but I do need to organise it a bit better really. We currently have his toy garage set on top of toy box until I figure out the best place to put it. 

I also have put a few of Blake's toys on top of his wardrobe out of the way and he has his 
memory box up there too so that it is out of reach. 

Blake loves playing in his cot at the moment while I get some bits and bobs done and has now started standing up on his own. 

With our loving room I need to sort out the TV unit which has space for us to put more DVDs on. 
Also I want to have a look at our book shelf and decide on what books I want to keep. 
Even though I love books I only really want to keep ones that I enjoyed and not just have books on the shelf for the sake of it. 
As I had also said above I want to sort out the wicker basket so that toys can go in there.
At the moment is full of miscellaneous  bits and bobs we need to find a place for.

I recently also purchased a small chest of drawers for my side of the bed. 
The main reason that it gives me more storage space. 
At the moment I got my make up and skincare bits inside.

The main bits in our room I need to organise is our wardrobe and also our large chest of drawers. 
I have so many clothing I want to go through and sort out. 

One room I've not pictured is our kitchen this is because as its so small it looks messy a lot of the time. 
I need to really have a good organising session in there. 

Our bathroom I find is the easiest to organise. 
We have a little box filled with bath and skincare products for Blake to the side which is fab
as we can fit so much in it. We also have a mettle stand which we have a faux plant on and other bits and bobs. 

As you can see on our window sill we have a basket to put our every day bits and bobs in. 
This area is the hardest to keep organised as I tend to do my make up in here so I end up forgetting to put bits away and it just ends up cluttered. 

Our bath area is pretty organised with just shampoo's, conditioners, shower gels etc dotted around. 

We need to start getting back into a routine of going out and about so my plan this coming weekend is 
to have a look at what groups are on. The children's center in our local area has lot some of its funding for 12 months plus so there aren't many groups on anymore

I also want to start doing more things as a family at the weekend. 
As Saturday is Blake's swimming lessons we will have to work something out for Sunday's.

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