Vitricsbox : Recreating precious moments and memories


Vitricsbox  an innovative new gift which will decorate any home.
 Recreate the most precious memories and moments

I love having photo's dotted around our flat. It certainly makes it feel more homely.
When vitricsbox contacted me to ask if I was interested in reviewing their 3D photo box 
I couldn't wait to get ordering!
 I picked out my favorite photos of Blake (see below)  that was taken when he was
two days old. 

The vitricsbox is your most favorite photo engraved in 3D inside crystal quality glass, illuminated by a string of LEDs and encased in its lacquered coloured box.

You can also personalize your gift even further by adding a special message underneath. 
 The engraved block of optical quality glass is encased tightly in its wooden box.
The 3D engraving is brought alive by LEDS lights which are integrated in the case. The lights are powered by a transformer which plugs into the back and is mains powered. Its cable is 4 feet long.
The wooden box comes in four lovely colors:

-Duck egg blue
- Powder pink
- Jet Black
- soft white 

I chose our one to be in a soft white as it would go with most things in our home. 

I was impressed with delivery time as it arrived within four days of making the order. 
When I opened the parcel I was greeted with a gorgeous black box which excited me further 
as it looks so luxury. 
Inside the box was the 3D photo, I actually cried when I saw
it, it happened to arrive on Blake's first birthday which made it more special for us. 

I have tried my best to get a good enough photo but I can honestly say it looks so much more better
than any photograph could show of it. 

I am very impressed with the 3d photo and love how it looks on my  window ledge. I am also impressed with how it turned out as it's managed to capture every detail from the photograph.
On close inspection you can see the cloud print that is on Blake's sleep suit and all his little features. 

Overall i am extremely happy with the 3d photo and would highly recommend 
 vitricsbox if you are looking for a special gift for someone special in your life. 
 Although not cheap at £84 (with 3d engraving, £79 without) it is more than worth the cost in
my eyes. 

What do you think?  Would this be something you would buy for a loved one? 

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  1. Oh I've never seen this kind of photo box thingy before, it looks wonderful! Great review. :)

  2. Wow looks amazing! I love photos and this looks beautiful x

  3. What a lovely idea. I've never seen these before, but definitely something to consider for very special photos like the ones you chose.

  4. This is SO cool and the perfect gift idea. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. This is so beautiful - a gorgeous keepsake or special gift, but, yes, a little pricey! Kaz x

    1. Pricewise I think its more than worth it, if u have that kind of money to spend on a special gift.

    2. Pricewise I think its more than worth it, if u have that kind of money to spend on a special gift.

  6. If the photo was a professional this would be definitely something I would buy. There's not enough photos of us and the kids in the house. Except the bedroom

  7. This is just so lovely, I've never quite seen anything like it and it would make such an amazing gift x

  8. Oh how beautiful! The image came out perfectly and I can't believe how 3D it looks even in the pictures! x

    1. I can't get over how fab it is . would 100% recommended.

  9. This is gorgeous, what a lovely keepsake! It would make a lovely gift x

  10. Nice. Never seen anything like it before. Love it!

  11. Such an amazing product! And as most people have already said - I haven't seen anything like this before. x

  12. Woah, It looks amazing especially when its dark definitely a good gift for someone. Now you making me want to buy one for myself. haha

  13. This is such a beautiful keepsake to have. I've actually never seen anything like it before, so lovely!

  14. It looks gorgeous! What a lovely idea, especially for a special gift. I adore having photo's around the house and am tempted by one of these!xx

  15. wow it looks amazing, I've never seen a 3d picture before! x

  16. I saw some of these 3D photos when I lived in London. They are so beautiful!
    But I've never seen like that one! I have to check the website ;)
    Thank you for the review!