What I got for Christmas

When it comes to these posts I am really nosey and like to see what others got for Christmas. 
This mainly is so that it can help me come up with ideas for gifts for other people at later date or even
to just add to my wishlist of items I would love to receive. 
I am the same when it comes to reading what people got for their birthday too. 

I know a lot people love these posts but I know some people don't
so if you don't than this post isn't for you. 
I also feel that I have to say this year after year when I do these posts
 that I am not in anyway trying to show off and am thankful for any gifts I receive. 

You can see my Christmas wish list here and I was lucky enough to get the majority of the items that was on my list which wasn't expected as it was just to give people ideas. 

Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I love to read. 
My mother and step father in law got me these two books : 
Giovanna Fletcher - Dream a little dream 
- Dinah Jefferies - The tea planters wife.

I didn't ask for these books but they definitely made good choices 
as I've not read either of these books before and they are right up my street. 

Stuart and I also received a kitchen tool turn about which was on my wishlist
awhile ago. This was before I got a personalized utensil pot from getting personal last year. 
So we are going to use it for something else possibly to store pens in or something or other. 
Either way its going to come in handy. 

My sister got me the make up brushes that I had been wanting for quite awhile now. 
I've been getting into make up a lot more recently so having some good brushes is a must.

My sister also got me a book which was on my amazon wishlist. 
The Cinderella Murder. 
I have been getting into thrillers and crime novels recently and this one looks good. 

My Mum got me two items which were also on my list
Adele's new album 25 and Make Up Revolution eye shadow palette 
in flawless matte. This is a great pallette I can use for everyday make up as the shades
are all wearable. 

Then Stuart got me the Make Up Revolution eye shadow palette flawless
which has the shame shades but they are shimmer so ideal for using when
I want a bit of sparkle or for a special occasion. 

Stuart also got me that Kilner glass that I really wanted from Wilko. 
They do them in pink and blue and I got the blue one that I wanted. 
I love drinking my Dr pepper in there and also lemonade. 

I was also very lucky to get The Blogger Planner which I had seen on other blogs and
just fell in love with. I am thrilled with it and so far its keeping me organised. 

Then I got a Himalayan Salt lamp. 
I had been debating whether to get one or not and glad that Stuart got one for me
not just for the health benefits but also as its so pretty too. 

I also got some other gifts not pictured: 
Blake got me a Pandora style bracelet which I love and have not taken off since Christmas day. 
I love it so much. 

Then I also got some gift cards from my Father in law and Stuart to spend in Peacocks and
also my Nan got me an Amazon gift card.

What did you get for Christmas? I'd love to know. 

Would you like to comment?

Fiona said...

Real Techniques brushes are fab, I have a few myself. It's great that you got so many books, lots to get through there :)

Helen at Casa Costello said...

I'm just starting the Tea Planter's Wife - Will be checking back to see how you got on with it. I love those eye shadow collections - I go through the little 3 sets so quickly. Very jealous of your blog planner!

Ana De-Jesus said...

I love real technique brushes they are perfect for contouring, sculpting. I like the blush brush especially.

Unknown said...

What lovely presents. I'm very jealous of your brushes!!!

Anosa said...

I personally like these types of posts and they are not a show off just appreciation of what we got. I have those real techniques and love them.

Life-As-Mum said...

What lovely gifts! Ah fantastic that you had the bloggers planner! Fantastic gift for any blogger x

Hayley: Sparkles and Stretchmarks said...

Ahh you have so many lovely. I`ve never heard of a Himalayan salt lamp but it looks really unusual and pretty, I'll have to look up the benefits of it! Glad you got the planner, they're so awesome! xx

Mudpie Fridays said...

Love the look of the lamp :), I have ordered a planner too hopefully it will be here soon, as I could do with the organisational help! I was very lucky and received a pair of boots for Christmas. x

Joanna Victoria -x said...

I have wanted real technique brushes for ages so happy to have got them. Books are always handy for me got a lot to get through.

Joanna Victoria -x said...

I'm thinking of doing my bookworm posts that I use to do again. I'll let u know when I have read the book.

Joanna Victoria -x said...

They really are amazing

Joanna Victoria -x said...

They worht getting if u are able to.

Joanna Victoria -x said...

I love the lamp its to do with releaseing negative ions definitely worth reading about. The bloggers planner is amazing I know u have one so glad I got one.

Ickle Pickle said...

Lucky girl! I love himalayan salt lamps they are amazing. Love your make up palette too. I had some perfume and a new Pandora charm :) Kaz x

Heart2Art said...

I love seeing what other people got. I really like that blog planner! I got a lovely scented candle with jewellery in it! I also got a lot of chocolate.

Angela Milnes said...

I got the bloggers planner for my birthday and it is fabulous and a great tool. Only problem I have is that when I fill in the plan for the month, it changes so much due to unexpected things, new work collabs etc so I'm finding it difficult to keep in order.... I need to find a way to not do that.

Chloe/Life Unexpected said...

What fab presents. I love the salt lamps and the planner. You were so spoilt!! xx #love2blog

Admin said...

I do love a good thriller and have never read The Cinderella Murder, you'll have to let me know what you think of it once you're done. Looks like you got a great haul and that lamp looks beautiful x

Steph said...

Great gifts! I love the eye shadow palatte, loads of colours in there to choose from.

Unknown said...

Oo I've not heard of a salt lamp before - sounds intriguing! Looks like you did very well indeed - lucky lady. :)

Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

Unknown said...

nice gifts - hope the books are good. I need to read more this year x

Janine said...

I treated myself to the blogger planner in September but I haven't used it a lot at all yet I have to admit. Main presents I got were a kettle, tripod
and insta pix camera

Michelle said...

Huge fan of Giovanna Fletcher. I have dream a little dream but not read it yet. Have you read any of her other books?

Another Bun said...

Ooh lots of lovely things there, you were very lucky! The kids bought me a new hairdryer which was very much appreciated, and the other half gave me money to buy slings - again, very much appreciated!