Twirly woos magazine

If you have a little one you may have seen Twirly Woos over on Cbeebies.
Well now your little one can enjoy some more of the Twirly Woos with the new 
magazine which is filled with activities and fun things to do. 

We were kindly sent a copy of the magazine a week or so ago. 
The Twirly Woos is a brand new magazine with each issue being based on a theme from an episode. 
It's packed full of pre-school activities so more suited for children older than Blake. 

I definetly think this magazine will be great for older children as there are loads of fun activities which they
will be able to do such as coloring in.

I was also able to do some stuff from the magazine with Blake though such as rhyme time and the stories. 
One thing Blake did love was sitting on my lap and helping pat the stickers in the right places. 
When Blake is older I am looking forward to getting him magazines such as this one as I feel
that he will love them and be able to do more of the activities and he'll be able to entertain himself. 

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