How I Survive The Great British Winter

Winters in the UK can be wet, windy and miserably cold. We don’t always have a lot of snow, but that doesn’t mean life isn’t challenging when the temperatures plummet below freezing. It’s slippery and icy, and driving can become really hazardous too. But it’s what we get in this country, and we just have to live with it. Fortunately, I’ve found some useful tips to make sure I’m nice and toasty all through the long winters.

I love woolly jumpers. They’re so snuggly and warm. The trouble is, Christmas jumpers are only good for about one month before you start feeling a little silly wearing them. Fortunately, there are specialist stores that sell wool jumpers and jackets like Aran Sweaters Direct. I had no idea there were so many different styles of woolly pully! Best of all, I think woolen jumpers can be pretty stylish.

Wet feet is a pet hate of mine. I’ve found lots of the supermarkets are selling snow boots at the moment. They look so warm and inviting with their soft fleece or fur lining. Best of all, they claim to be completely waterproof. No puddle will be a challenge, and there will be no problems when I’m ankle deep in a snow flurry. Can’t wait to find a tiny pair for my little one too Then we might even think about taking a winter holiday away one year! Isn’t it strange how we don’t mind all that snow when we’re in another country?

Indoors, the heating is on quite high at the moment. I feel guilty if it’s too chilly when I have my one-year-old in the house. He’s on the floor playing a lot, and I know it can get quite chilly down there. I pop a blanket on a rug for him to sit on. I’ve also invested in some pretty good draft excluders on each of the doors. I think they’ve made quite a difference. Hopefully, my energy bill will be a bit cheaper this winter.

Because Blake is still so young, there are lots of occasions when I need to puree food. It’s not too much more effort to turn those healthy vegetables into a hearty winter soup. Hot soup each day is a great way to keep warm in the wintertime. I’ve been experimenting with casseroles in the slow cooker too. I think hot meals are very important when it’s cold outside.

When it approaches Christmas time, the days are so short. And when there are lots of black clouds in the sky it feels like you never get to see daylight. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why we all love to have so many fairy lights on at this time of year. It gives us just that little bit of brightness and a happy smile on our faces.

Winter in the UK isn’t all bad. Some people get to enjoy cozy evenings in front of a roaring fire. Others can cuddle up to each other in front of the radiator. And there is something quite invigorating about the cold wind when you’re walking along. It may be stormy, and it may be cold outside, but, at least, we have beautiful spring to look forward to.

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