Living in a fairly small flat has meant for us that storage solutions are essential. 
We don't own Lego yet which I am sure will change but Blake loves playing with 
Megabloks at the moment. When I was asked if I was interested in trying out Blockpod I jumped at the chance as I thought it would be ideal for storing Blake's Megabloks in so that we could save room in his toy box but also have them on display in his room.

When it arrived I was very impressed with the design of it. 
I love that it is clear so that you can see the Lego, Megabloks or any other toys you may choose to use it for.  The plastic is quite sturdy too which is obliviously important when you have adventurous kids.  

To open it you have to turn the lid anticlockwise I had to have a few goes at this as it was tricky to open to begin with. As I've got use to it though its now pretty easy to open. 

Basically you have 4 layers of storage  where you have 3 different plastic grids in the bottom of each section, each a different color. And the holes in the grid are different sizes as well for your different sizes of Lego to sift through. 

One of the things that grabbed my attention to it is that you don't have to use it just for Lego you can take out the grid's and use it as toy storage. I also love that some point this year Blockpod are going to be releasing more grids, layers and lids. I love the idea that by buying more layers and grids you can increase the size meaning you can store more Lego and/or toys. 

Another great thing is the 15 year warranty on any of the parts that become faulty during its ownership. 

We've been using the Blockpod for over a week now and love how its such a handy storage solution for us. Once Blake gets Lego I know this storage solution will be used even more and I would consider buying the additional grids and layers.    

What do you think of the concept of Blockpod? 
Would this be a handy storage solution for you? 

*Disclaimer I received this product  in exchange for an honest review all thoughts and opinions
are my own. 

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