Our Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has been and gone pretty quick this year. 
However we have made the most of it as a family with a few days out. 

Friday was rather a relaxed day with popping to town followed by playing cars and ball games with 
Blake as well as reading some of his books to him. 

Saturday we went to Mead Open Farm, we had booked tickets online in advance as 
they worked out slightly cheaper to purchase than at the gate.
Mead Open Farm had a Easter Bunny Bonanza on which was included in the admission price. 
We got a chance to explore  Hoppy the Easter Bunny’s wonderful themed Easter Garden. plus we was able to  earn a chocolate treat by hunting for eggs and even meet REAL Easter Chicks and lambs!

As this time of year little ones love going to the farm its always best to keep little hands germ free at the farm 
here are so great tips: 

Keep a close eye on kids and animals: 
Children will quite happily feed the lambs and straight away put their fingers in their own mouths, even if you’ve told them not to! Pay close attention when feeding animals and give hands a good  clean with sanitizer  such as NatraSan when the need arises.

Pack an effective disinfectant
Packing a safe disinfectant that has the ability to sanitise a number of different surfaces is vital to keep your family clean at farms. NatraSan First Aid spray kills 99.9999% of germs.

Always wash with soap and water:
As well as having a handy bottle of sanatizer with you, it is wise to ensure everyone washes hands with warm soap and water after petting or feeding the animals and again before eating. 
Mead Open Farm has quite a few sinks for hand washing dotted around.

Don’t forget about your mouth:
 Little fingers are always going in mouths and this is a common way for germs to be spread. Always clean little hands regularly just in case your child touches an animal and then sucks their thumb, for eg. 


Mead open farm was such an enjoyable family day out which I would love to do again. 
As Blake gets older I know he will love it more, learning about the animals etc but also
summer time will be an ideal time to go again to make another day of it. 
Once we had been to the farm we headed off to the in laws for a lovely early Easter meal and Blake was spoilt with some lovely gifts which he loves. 

On Easter Sunday we didn't have anything really planned but as a spur of the moment we
 decided to go to the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway which is literally on our doorstep near enough. 
Blake loved the train ride although to be begin with wasn't too keen on the horn to begin with but then soon settled and was fine. When we arrived at the Stonehenge Works we ended up getting off the train and enjoying the Easter egg hunt in which we found a golden ticket for Blake which meant he got a special Easter egg from the Easter bunny. 

Easter Monday was also another relaxed day and we ended up going for a little walk along the canal as well. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend I'd love to know what you all got up to. 
Did any of you going to the farm ? or do an Easter egg hunt with the kids?

Would you like to comment?

Unknown said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Love the blue skies. We had sunshine and rain down here in Cornwall during Easter Sunday.

Unknown said...

I love taking the boy to farms! Like you say the older they get the more they'll enjoy it too. :)

Emma said...

I've been meaning to go to mead farm as it's quite close to us too. I've never heard of that railway. My son would love that.

Rebecca U said...

lovely pics! We will be going down to the farm this weekend for my daughter's birthday x

Jenni said...

Lucas has been unwell so we didn't do much over the weekend. Looks like you had a fab time, I love natrasan aswel x

Oliver Long said...

Great post, Joanna! Good to see you guys enjoyed your Easter weekend!

Oliver • http://suedeandsymphony.com

Anosa said...

I spent Easter with my parents and trying to catch up on some sleep. Your Easter sounds fun and busy

Emma White said...

aw wowsounds like you had an amazing day at the farm we had friends over and lots of chocolate and arts and crafts

beautyqueenuk said...

Going to the farm is so cute, all those baby animals to meet and greet x

Unknown said...

Aww I LOVE taking the twins to farms and petting zoos to see the animals — they absolutely love it and it's very sweet to see them interacting with our furry friends!! :) This looks like a lovely day out x

Alice Langley said...

Can;t beat an Easter trip to the farm - looks like you had a lovely time

Kerry Louise Norris said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Great animal hygiene tips. How adorable that you got to see chicks and lambs. It's all come and gone too quickly this year x

Lilinha said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter break. Little man loves going to the farm and feeding the animals! :)

Kara said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. We also went to our local farm over Easter and bottle fed some lambs and hand fed the red deer

Unknown said...

My Easter was quite hectic, visiting friends and family. On Easter Monday we visited the London Zoo and the children had fun playing with the animals. Having a safe disinfectant is a brilliant idea. It saved the day.

Zena's Suitcase said...

It looks like you had amazing days out over easter. It's a lovely family time isn't it

Claire said...

Looks like you had a lovely Easter :) Glad you managed to get out and about and have fun.

It rain here :(
Hopefully the weather will be nice when my children break up from school next week:)

Anonymous said...

Ooh that's a good idea to visit the farm - it is the right time of year! We went to Odds Farm last year which was really good. And a narrow gauge railway - my boy would LOVE that! xx

Unknown said...

Looks like a lovely and fun easter for you guys. We had rain in here, but the weather is much nicer now. :) I love to see people taking some family time.

Heart2Art said...

Sounds like a brilliant Easter weekend. I am desperate to take my girls to a farm but I'm not driving yet. Hoping to be a fully qualified driver by summer though. X

Fiona said...

What a lovely Easter weekend you had. A trip to the farm is always a great treat for the little ones :)

Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid said...

Oooh you don't live all that far from me if you went to Mead Open Farm! We went to Standalone Farm earlier this week and saw a lamb being born - amazing! X

Joanna Victoria -x said...

We loved it there where abouts do u live?

Just Motherhood said...

It looks like you had such a fantastic Easter weekend Joanna. I love taking my two to the farm, they enjoy it so much. They especially love the bunnies at our local farm too. x

wild & grizzly said...

Aww my little one loves going to the local city farm! sounds like you had an ace time and great tips for aftercare of handling the animals. x

Michelle said...

I love going to our local farm. Little J loves it there and will happily spend hours visiting all the animals