Mothers Day gift Guide

When it comes to gifts for Mothers Day I always find it hard to know what 
to get for my Mum and for my Mother in law. 
I know many others have the same issue so I thought I'd compile a range of products 
that will be ideal gifts for Mothers Day for Mum's who have  a range of different tastes and interests. 

If the Mum you are buying for loves arts and crafts and making things. 
Than why not get her this watercolor wishes card making kit from Stampin up.
The set Includes supplies for 20 unique cards in 3 sizes and an exclusive stamp set. Make one when you need it, or make them all and use them later.

I love nothing but having a good relaxing pamper session. I know a lot of Mum's love
this type of gift combined with the other half or someone looking after the kids. This means
that you can have some time to your self and totally relax you deserve it after all. 

This is When Nelsons comes in handy their Arnicare Bath & Massage Balm £8.55
Is a luxurious dual-purpose balm, it’s perfect for  massaging into tired muscles or pouring into a bath to create a gorgeous fragrance that will help mum to relax and unwind. 

Then you have their Calendula Cream £5.35 this is designed to revitalise skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and nourished, Nelsons Calendula Cream is made from 100 percent natural calendula – aka Marigold. The multi-purpose cream is perfect for moisturising dry, flaky or chapped skin.

If you want to get something more luxury for your mum's bath time than 
Olverum bath oil is amazing it smells so good. 
Olverum (true oil) is a unique and luxurious aromatic blend of essential oils.
Add a few drops to your bath to  help ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body. 
I love this as being a mum can be stressful and bath time is one of the things I feel I can do to unwind and relax. This bath oil feels like such a treat and once I stepped out that bath I felt so relaxed and ready for bed. 

If your on a bit of budget than you will love the Cafe De Bain range of bubble baths and shower creams inspired by french patisserie. They come in a range of different scents
and this lemon one smells amazing. 
I'm not very good at describing scents but I'd say it was lemony but also cakey
as well as its not like the usual strong lemon scent you get in most products.
The Cafe De Bain range is available in Superdrug, £2.99 each. 

With spring arriving pretty soon it's time to start getting your feet flip flop ready. 
Mum's will love the Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Collection from Boots. 
The ultimate pedicure indulgence that can all be done at home is packed with 
the essentials needed to create beautifully smooth feet. 

The kit contains: 

  - Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Express Pedi
an electrical hard skin removal device that leaves feet feeling 
soft and smooth.

- Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum

-Scholl Velvet Smooth Glass Nail File

-Scholl Velvet Smooth Cuticle Sticks

-Scholl Velvet Smooth Toe Separators

-       Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Transfers

  Scholl Party Feet Ultra Slim Gel Cushions 


You can't do a Mothers Day gift guide without Chocolate. 
Cadbury Milk tray is one of my favorite selection boxes. 
The Milk tray now comes with three new flavors: 
Apple Crunch 
Salted Caramel Charm 
and Truffle Heart
They still do some yummy favorites: 
Hazelnut Swirl
Surprise Parcel 
Orange Truffle
Strawberry Sensation
Perfect Praline
Fudge Delight 
and my all time favorite Caramel Softy.

OPI have released the New Orleans Jambalayettes Mini Pack nail polishes. 
The new collection is ideal for spring/summer 2016. 
OPI have done it again with a selection of pastels & bright hues inspired by the beautiful city of New Orleans. 

The set contains these fab named colors: 
 Got Myself Into A Jam-Balaya
 Take A Right On Bourbon
 I'm Sooo Swamped
 Show us Your Tips

My favorite has to be Show us Your Tips its such a gorgeous light blue shade. 

The nail polishes are Chip resistant and long lasting.
OPI continue to deliver rich pigmentations meaning you only need to apply a few coats. 

Babe perfume is back by popular demand. 
First launched in 1976, recreated with  French perfumer Givaudan to develop the fragrance and deliver a scent that is recognisable to all Babe fans.
 A fresh burst of lavender, aldehydes and hyacinth offering radiance and energy. The end note is a refined woody, loving scent of warm sandalwood rounded by sensual solar accord, moss and ambrette that leave on the skin a gracious and delightful trail. RRP £24.99.
When your a busy Mum you don't always have a lot of time to spend on your hair. 
But of course you still want it to look amazing and healthy. 
That's possible with the Andrew Barton Salon Professional Naturally Hair Brush.
The brush contain's natural bristles, which are renowned for their amazing properties. With every stroke, the bristles massage the scalp increasing blood flow and stimulating hair growth. Super kind to your hair, the bristles smooth the hair cuticle, redistributing the hair’s natural oils to create healthy hair with a long-lasting lustrous shine.
£8 Asda

One of the things I love to do in my free time is have a pamper session and one of the things I love to do is lay back with a face mask on when in the bath. 
So why not treat your Mum to a new face mask she may have not tried before. 
This rich and nourishing collagen mask from Proto-col contains a unique blend to quench thirsty skin. Your skin will be left feeling soft, supple, brighter and more radiant. 
A bit of a random one I must admit but Brita have just released there new pastel Marella jugs. 
A new filter water jug has been on my list of things to purchase over the last few months and as a Mum useful presents like this are usually a great idea.
The Marella jug holds up to 2.4 L, fitting perfectly into the fridge door and has a helpful 'memo' which reminds you to change the filter to ensure you always have the freshest filtered water. The Marella jug reduces levels of chlorine, heavy metals and limescale in your water, and also features a sleek flip top lid.

I have always preferred the taste of filtered water and I love that the Marella jugs come in a range of shades and I love the pastels. 

What  do you think of my selection?
Do you think you'll get one of these for your Mum? 
Or maybe you'll be adding some of these items to your list for
Mothers Day. 

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