Alternative Accommodation For Your Next Holiday

Hotels are so 2015! This year, mix it up and stay somewhere a little different. Below, you’ll find a handful of suggestions. No matter your budget or your preference, there is sure to be one to reinvigorate your holiday spirit. They’re also all child-friendly, meaning that the little ones will have just as much fun as you.

  1. Go on a cruise
Why sleep on dry land when you can sleep on the water? Many of us have ‘take a cruise’ on our bucket lists, so maybe this could be the year! The great thing about cruise ships is that you have everything you could possibly need close at hand. This goes for your food, your accommodation and your fun. Cruise ships pretty much always have an entertainment team on board especially for kids, plus a dedicated area for them to spend time. There is also usually a kids pool with shallower waters to keep them safe. A further benefit is the fact that you get to travel to numerous different places all as part of one holiday. You might have ticked half of your bucket list off by the time you get home!


  1. Go camping
Wait! Don’t skip over to the next one just yet. Camping is a lot less miserable and a lot more enjoyable than it used to be. Campsites are cleaner and prettier. Camping equipment is more durable, and tents are easier to erect. Both of these things mean that if it does rain or get windy, you can still have a great time. You’ll be thoroughly protected inside your tent, and when it passes, you’ll be thrilled to get back onto the site again. Plus, kids love the adventure of camping. Make your tent homely with fairy lights and a battery-powered radio. You might never want to go home.

  1. Go glamping
Really don’t think you can hack camping, but still want to get out into nature? Then glamping is the one for you. Glamping is a fusion of the two words glam and camping. You get luxury, indoor accommodation with all the good bits of camping. Sometimes this consists of a wooden hut in the middle of a field, or on a beach. However, despite your proximity to the elements, you are protected. Inside you’ll find heating, electricity and plug sockets. You might even have a proper bed and bedding! That being said, these huts tend not be all that spacious. For this reason, you might want to do glamping for a child-free holiday.


  1. Go Hostelling
Hostels might not be as luxurious as hotels, but they are a great idea for holidays. For starters, they are usually significantly cheaper. This means that you’ll have more money for the time you’re actually awake! Also, don’t think that hostelling means you have to share a room with strangers. Most have at least a couple of one or two-person bedrooms. You’ll just have to book a little way in advance to secure these rooms. Also, hostels are often located inside beautiful, listed buildings. Plus they tend to be in great locations, meaning you can walk to places nearby rather than taking the car or public transport. 

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