Nursery Decor Ideas

When it comes to Blake's bedroom, I know that I want to change it up a bit. 
His room has pale blue walls, beige carpet and white furniture.
Other than the bright colors of his toys I can't help but feel that it looks a bit plain.  

As we are renting we are restricted into what we can do to our home
even so we can still update Blake's room using different decor items.
We've decided that we wont be changing the furniture as they were brought new when we
first got his room sorted. 

I've been searching for nursery ideas over on Pinterest and other websites 
and have come across this room and I just love it! 
I think the colors will really work, although it wont look completely the same
as in this photo I think it will be easy to do something similar. 

Modern nursery/kids room by 28 Grad Architektur GmbH

So here are my ideas on how to I can make Blake's room look a little similar to this one.

First of all I'm thinking of getting the Ikea LÖVA canopy that is in the above photo 
as I feel that it would be a fab addition to Blake's room above his cot.

I  would then change the basket's from his shelf above to green or orange ones. 
This would help bring more color to the room. 

I plan on having a sort out of Blake's toys and decide where they will go. We'll have some on display and others will be in one of his toy boxes. 
One thing I will keep on top of his toy box is his personalised cushion as it brings a bit of personalisation to the room. 

I want to to purchase a rug for the room but undecided yet on which one. 
I want it to be a good size but feel that if we got one in the same color as the one in my inspiration photo there will be too much blue so again I'm thinking green or orange. 

As for wall art we have already got this personalised foot print up on the wall and want to keep that there. 
Now we have got permission to put up more we have got an A,B,C print that my sister purchased. She got Blake the canvas when I was expecting him so want that up and I'm going to find another canvas of some kind to also go on one of the walls.

His rooms window ledge has some cute trinkets that will be staying along with his cream blind on his window which we can't change. 

As much as I love tree design on the wall above the cot in my inspiration photo.
This is something unfortunately we are unable to do. 

What do you think of my ideas? 
Is there anything else you would add? 
Let me know as always comment below. 

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