Super Yummies: Deliciously Different Snacks

When it comes to snacks for Children it can be a little hard to know what to give them. 
Of course you want to give them something healthy such as fruit but sometimes you 
want to give them something a little different. 

We always offer Blake fruit and veg even though he doesn't always eat it. 
But we like to include little treats but don't want to give Blake anything that is full of 
sugar and additives. 

Super Yummies is a brand new range of deliciously different snacks from the well loved 
Cow and Gate family. 

The snacks all come in a fab range of flavor combinations that your toddler will love. 
The snacks only have naturally occurring salt and sugar, making the range great for parents and their little one. 

I was sent a selection of the Super Yummies range for Blake to try. 
The range is suitable for children of 12 months and over. 
The Super Yummies range consists of breadsticks that are available in 2 flavours, spinach and tomato & herb, rice cakes, in pear & berries and apple & orange flavour, an apple & forest fruits yoghurt pouch and then strawberry, kiwi & banana squeeze and mixed berries & coconut squeeze pouches too. 

For children that are a 3 years and over there are the slices and pieces ranges of  beetroot & parsnip slices, strawberry & yoghurt pieces and banana & yoghurt pieces. These are for older children as they are harder in texture than the rest of the range.
Although I did try Blake on the banana and yoghurt pieces which he ate but wasn't too keen on, as he kept pulling a funny face.

Before we were sent a selection of Super Yummies to try Blake had already tried both of the breadstick flavours and really likes them especially the spinach flavoured ones. 
I was happy to get the pack of spinach ones as they had sold out of them in our nearest supermarket. 

I was a bit spectial over if Blake would eat the Pear and Berries rice cakes we recieved as when we have given him rice cakes from a different brand in the past he wouldn't eat them and spit them out. I was happy to say that he has scoffed these ones so they are obviously a hit. 

Out of all of the range I can say Blake's favorites were the fruit and yoghurt pouches we
were sent the Apple and Forrest fruits yoghurt which he scoffed. We were also sent the
 Mixed Berries and coconut fruit pouches again he loved this one.

I think we can safely say that the range of Super Yummies snacks were a huge hit with
Blake and that we will be certainly purchasing them again and highly recommend them. 

Have your little ones given any of these from the range a try? 
If not do you think you will give them a go? 

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